01 November 2007

random funnies

a joke- why was the witch mad at the warlock? because he had a hallow-weenie!
not only is that joke fantastically corny, but i got it from my MOM. and she heard it because her sister called her up. JUST TO TELL HER THAT JOKE!

another joke- if you're an american when you go into the bathroom and you're an american when you leave the bathroom, what are you when you're in the bathroom? european!
i got this joke from my friend barb in response to the weenie joke. she likes to share.

line from a movie- you can't throw the baby out with the bathwater because than all you'll have is a wet, critically injured baby.

and, the best for last.

on the phone with wise man and he comments on the extreme stench created by the droppings of our two lovely cats. approximately fifteen minutes go by. we are chatting. suddenly, there is great ruckus in the background. i say 'whoa, what's going on there? sounds like you dropped something.' he replies 'yeah, a deuce.'*

happy thursday.

* he was shifting the litter around to thoroughly coat the new load fred and sammy had just dropped. so, it was a deuce, just not his. oh and as i'm typing this, my mom called up her sister JUST to tell her the second joke.

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