17 November 2007

how to roast peppers

roasted peppers- mm mm MM. chili peppers, bell peppers- doesn't matter. roasting them makes them super tasty. and you can buy them at the store, but considering it doesn't take too much time or effort to do it yourself, buy fresh and do it at home.

bell peppers
1. cut in half and discard stem and seeds.
2. place cut side down on aluminum foil wrapped baking sheet.
3. turn on your broiler.
4. put in the pan. time depends on how big your pepper is and how close the pan is to the broiler. get it all the way up there. check on it every few minutes. i find that a normal sized pepper needs 5-8 minutes. you want it to be BLACK and burned and not particularly attractive. that's how you know it will be yummy.

chili peppers
1. if you have a gas top, you can grill the peppers directly on the burners. skewer whole peppers and rotate them so that they blacken evenly. some chilies (like jalapeƱos) have a waxy skin so they might pop a little while your roast them, but don't be afraid.

both types, once they are fully blackened
be careful! they will be hot. place peppers in a plastic sandwich bag and close off. mmm they will steam up. leave them be for 20 minutes. in this time, cut up some cheese, open up a can of tomato soup and corn, and prepare to make tasty grilled cheese and tomato soup.

after 20 minutes, remove the peppers from the bag. if blackened thoroughly enough, the skin will easily come off. if you are using chili peppers, cut them in half and remove the seeds. you can save the roasted peppers for a few days but they are best the day you roast them. yum.

cut up the peppers. put them in everything. sigh for the tasty food. especially good in tomato soup.

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