31 May 2009


A what point did saying "Bless you" or some other similar remark fall out of fashion? Is it just me? And I don't want to be gender biased but it seems that it is mostly men of my recent acquaintance who don't say it- new roomies, new friends, etc. who are more than perfectly nice, very considerate in every other way, but when I let a big one fly- and those of you who have had the pleasure of experiencing one of my sneezes first hand know that they can be EPIC- not a word!

I guess in the grand scheme of things, not having a person say "Salud" is a small complaint. But it is one I have all the same.

28 May 2009

Sad post

Poor rays.

25 May 2009

Extremely Important Poll

Which Natty Boh shirt should I get?

Pro Orange
- I don't have an Orioles shirt and unless I have a strong affinity for a player, I like sports shirts that don't have players names on the back. I like to feel I'm supporting the whole team. I now wish I had gotten a Red Soxs Edgar Renteria shirt, but that's a whole other ball of wax.
- With the orange shirt, it is good for the entire baseball season.

Anti Orange
- I miss the little curl.
- Would only really be suitable at baseball games or other Baltimore pride events.
- I think I will still kinda want something with the old school Orioles smiling cartoon bird on it.

Pro Green
- Um, hello? MARYLAND FLAG. SHAMROCK. I could proudly display my regional and familial heritage while proclaiming my taste in cheap beer.
- Green goes with so many more things.
- Have I said MD flag? Because it counts twice.
- Good transition from my green miniskirt to a more family appropriate St. Patty's Day outfit.

Anti Green
- Really made for just the one day a year.
- While Orioles and Natty Boh are very Baltimore, it can be argued that other cities have a stronger claim to St. Patty's Day. That being said, my Irish family connections are through Charm City.
- MD flag. I get enough flack as it is with all my pro Maryland sentiment. Do I really want to add fuel to that fire?

23 May 2009

Things I've Bought Recently That've Made Me Feel Good

A haircut. It has been a year in the making, but look- the bangs!
Luck ring from South Moon Under. Totally copied my little sister on it, but I could use all the luck I can get.My fancy brown flip flops have been on their last legs for quite some time, so I figured it was high time to replace. Again, South Moon Under FTW.

Yup, I that girl who buys the same piece of clothing in multiple colors. But I don't care because IT HAS A BIRD SILHOUETTE. I had to take down the 11 swallow decals today, so I figure two shirts is an equal trade. My new place will still have the three penguins, three cranes, and one condor, so I'm not totally birdless.

What I Did Not Buy Because It Was A Bit Too Pricey But Am Sorely Regretting And Will Be Checking Back At The Store In A Week And See If They Will Sell It To Me For Less
Yes, that is a gold beaded mini dress with an open back. And if you ask "But where could you where such a thing?", I say , "EVERYWHERE, EVERY DAY."

22 May 2009

i can haz updates!?!11?

So, the end of April through the end of May almost killed me and it just may still. I basically got back from Australia, went to a four day conference in Philly, finished up school, graduated with my master's, found a new place to live, and will be moving on Sunday. So yeah, to say that this time in my life has been a bit busy is an understatement. I've been dying to be able to sit down and pump you all full of the fun thing I've been doing and thinking but when I get home from work/internship/other city, all I want to do is watch so much TV that my butt falls asleep.

But! my trip to Australia provides me with a more than legit reason to post on my work blog, so that will certainly have to happen soon.

Oh and PS, maybe the reason I've been slow to blog? I'm obsessed with Google reader and often comment on the things I share there. Seriously, go get a reader.

Also, my museum blog is back up and running. Because I'm so good at keeping on top of the three blogs I write for now. It is very museum centric, so I'm tempted to say it will be boring to those of you not in the biz, but come on, I'm hilarious and I can make exhibition development exciting to EVERYONE!