21 November 2007

wash away the sleep

before i read this, i was all about the night shower. i've worked in cafes for seven of the last eight years, so when i got home, i smelled like the inside of a coffee pot. not something i want to transfer to my sheets. plus, showering at night= not showering in the morning= getting to sleep in just that much longer. all in all, night showers were totally where it was at.

but then my hair became an even bigger priority in my life (hard to believe, as i firmly hold my hair to be a mane* part of my personality). if i wanted my hair to look at all good, i would have to wash it. IN THE MORNING. EVERY DAY.

ugh, this wasn't something i wanted to do, but like i said, my hair is me, so i got on board with the whole morning shower thing. and it was hard at the beginning, not only because i had to wake up a full 45 minutes before i had to be out the door opposed to my old 10, but also because i had to fight with my little bro for the shower. i hate shouting first thing in the morning.

but now, i understand those irish spring commercials a little better. the blast of water really does something to rise the sleep out of my eyes and ease the pillow creases off my face. even if i fall asleep in the car on the way to dc (this happens with alarming frequency- don't worry, i'm not driving), i am more awake.

so, i'm a convert. morning showers for me always. sure, the night shower holds the allure of clean body before bed and extra sleep in the morning, but that last blast of cold water to seal out the frizz is like the cup of coffee the rest of you swear by.

*haha, get it? mane/main. i'm hilarious.

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Anonymous said...

I told you so. ;)