15 November 2007

warmer up here, oddly enough

hello from boston! i've just got into my old apt after a bit of a bumpy ride- i really don't like flying so when the pilot says that we can't get any higher than just above the clouds and that we are going to be 'catching some turbulence', i pretty much want to cry. i'll have to save my flying stories for a timeline, but just let it be known that i'm proud i haven't cried in public today.

since wise man is at work today and has standing thursday night plans, today is my day to catch up with my ladies scattered around the boston area. and actively ignore any and all school work. because everyone knows that in boston, the only things to do are drink beer, eat clam chowder and steak, and cuddle with my cats. well, YOU can't cuddle with my cats. but you get the idea.

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