31 October 2007

a happy halloween present for you!

so, i did just post my fav weekly stumble but since karel tagged me oh so long ago, you get a treat of two posts! in one day! (edit: it is after midnight, so technically, not the same day. but i'm still going to count it as the same day. like you would at sleepovers.)

1. Link to your tagger and post rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random and some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of post and list their names.
4. Let them know they were tagged by a comment on their blog.

1. i used to have a pure white hair growing out of the middle of my forehead. just one hair. i called it my unicorn. i guess i plucked it enough that the follicle is dead. i miss it sometimes.

2. i made myself a sock monkey when i was in college. his name is tippecanoe. when i studied abroad in australia and i wanted to save space in my luggage, i didn't bring him. i did take a picture and put it by my bed. he now sits on my desk. oh and i stiched a 'T' on his butt.

3. i subscribe to oprah magazine and love it. i do not watch her show.

4. growing up i hated olives and seltzer and thought my mom was disgusting for liking both. there are days when i want nothing but kalamatta olives and fizzy water. to me, this is more proof than i'm an adult than paying rent.

5. i was never 21 in college and had to miss on some senior week good times because of it.

6. i will only wear shorts if i'm exercising or lounging. to go outside, it is pants, skirts, or dresses.

7. my favorite number is 27 because. 2+7=9. 3x3=9. 3 to the third power is 27.

ok so while i read a ton of blogs i'm not super comfortable tagging people yet. and i can't tag karel. so instead of getting rejected, i'm just not even going to try. but i suggest this as a fun exercise to come up with strange facts about yourself that you don't mind strangers finding out.

weekly stumble

sorry to be a little late. this crazy thing called school and paper writing kinda came up. i promise that it will happen again. so, without further ado, my weekly stumble is

bald guy greetings

i have to say that i've never actually bought any of these cards because my card buying habits leave much to be desired. they are usually belated in nature and while i try to find funny/thoughtful ones, 9 times out of 10, i buy blank ones and put my own funny/thoughtful comments in.


these cards rock.

instead of those cards that show really attractive people saying really sweet things, they are illustrated with realistic looking people* and convey what is often on your mind.

for example:


but my personal fav is

look through the site, giggle a little, and buy some cards. if i hadn't just bought 32 blank cards from target (for $4.20!), i might be tempted too.

*let's be honest, some of the drawings make you feel more attractive.

28 October 2007

go soxs!

woohoo boston won! though i grew up in maryland and am at heart an orioles fan, i've always hated the yankees so it was easy to become a red soxs fan when i was in boston. so while i'm pleased as punch that they won tonight, i'm also a little down in the mouth that i can't be at the riot. getting texts from the riot does help (thanks, wise man!) but i do wish i could be with the rest of boston, being really really insanely happy.

27 October 2007


you do not want to spend your friday night convincing one of you dearest friends to get tickets to san fran- only to wake up on saturday and find out that you can't get tickets the same day as her. really, it is not a fun process.

ps, don't realize that you haven't done enough reserach for your paper three days before it is due. because it does not make you feel good. or motivate you to write said paper.

25 October 2007

my new love

isn't she purty? i know that i asked people to vote for what color they thought is should get but i didn't really like that shade of green (sorry, kc!) and i wear a black coat in the winter and i didn't want to look like i'm celebrating halloween all the time (sorry, wise man!). le sigh. she shall be mine so soon! i will take suggestions for a name :)

oh if you want one, you should scoot over to pinder and pick one out one like mine before oct 31 or nov 30 for the big ones. then the prices go back up. i really loved the one i just sold- it was just too big. can't wait for my thin!

23 October 2007

can we say procrastinate? i can but i'm not sure i can spell it.

so, i should be reading. and i promise you that i soon will be. but i think i know what my weekly thing will be.

my favorite stumbleupon for the week :)

wise man first showed me this nifty little time waster and boy howdy, do i love it. it has led me to many of the blogs i read (see to your left) but i will leave those out of this area here. you can explore those on your own.

i don't really want to explain it because a) you might have heard of it and you will laugh at my simplistic definition and/or b) you don't care. if you do, go here.

so my first weekly stumble is:

the melancholy subject matter of unrequited love is tempered by the fact that none of the people have arms and never walk on the ground but float around. oh and sometimes there are naked boobs. though at first, i thought they were carrying muffins or cupcakes.

you can go all the way back to the beginning to get a full taste of the series, but basically it is an artist who is deeply in love with his muse. she has a boyfriend and doesn't want him but also doesn't like it when he dates other women. it is a little twisted. and sad. but funny too, especially because of the no arms. hence the title.

some favs:
bored heart

ideal girlfriend

n word


how it ought to be

added bonus: it is belgian so you'll feel that much cooler. because everything euro is cool.

22 October 2007

weekly... ur, how about monthly timeline

so, a wise man pointed out that this would be hard to keep up weekly and i have to admit that the idea of coming up with something 52/53 times a year that fits the timeline format... might just be too much for me. but, i think i can swing monthly. so, back to the drawing board to think of weekly updates (or three weeks out of the month because the fourth, i've got this baby). if you have any ideas, pass them along.

Hair Timeline: A Winding Path
(because of the curly hair. yeah, i know it isn't a good pun if you have to spell it out.)

age under 1: i am born with very little hair. it stays this way for awhile. so much that my pop pop fashions hats made out of newspaper for me to wear in pictures to help with the glare. thanks, pop.

age 2: the mop is formed. i look like a sepia toned shirley temple, only with more sundresses and less lollipops.

age 3: i experiment and decide to cut my bangs. i shear them off as close as i can to my scalp... and stop half way across. my mother has to finish the rest. oh and this is right before my mom and step dad's wedding.

age 5: the mop is gone and replaced by wavy, long, unruly, easily tangled hair. i rock the bangs that start half way back from the forehead. this is also the time that i hate having my hair washed. HATE. so much so that i beg and plead to not have it washed and to have 'just a butt bath! just a butt bath!'.

age 8-11: i rock the side ponytail. i brush my hair while dry. all in all, a hot look.

age 12: in an attempt to regain the cute mop of my extra youth, i cut off a lot of hair. no to the cut cute, yes to the mushroom 'do.

it doesn't take a large picture to see just how hot i was.

age 15: though i've grown out my hair so that it doesn't look like an atomic explosion, i go to an ani difranco concert and before i know it, my hair is all gone. not even a mushroom cut, just gone. it grows out again over the summer and i decide that it needs to be even shorter. so i shave it. i learn the full extent of my round cheeks.

age 17: wanting to rebel before i go to rome to have my second audience with the pope, i dye random sections of my hair a deep purple. after two weeks in the italian mid-august sun, this lovely aubergine turns to a disgusting burnt peach. though my mother was against the hair color in the first place, she pays for me to get it fixed before going to college because 'that's where [i] will meet the people who will matter most in [my] life. and [i] can't have them thinking [i'm] a freak.' no, i'll just let them talk to me to figure that part out.

so, to recap, i go from natural to large chunks of purple to burnt pink to heavily blonde highlights in about a month.

age 21: so, after growing out my hair from both poor haircut and color choices, i decide to donate my hair to locks of love after college graduation. you must have 10 inches of hair to donate. i grew my hair extra long so it wouldn't be too short after the cut. the stupid guy cuts off FIFTEEN INCHES OF MY HAIR. i cry. my hair is up by my ears. i look like a a) french school teacher when i straighten it or b) a french a poodle if i don't. despite this vast difference in appearances, i can't be bothered to straighten it.

don't let the smile fool you- not happy with the hair.

age 24: hair is significantly long again. i read curly girl and totally change my habits. i had grown to love my hair but only now do i realize that i've been drying it out so badly. though still long and crazy, my hair is much smaller. and for those of you who know me, this is a big deal.

me... so hot right now.

21 October 2007

weekly installment idea #1

every week, i post a thematic timeline through my life (a la mighty girl and more specifically her book ). for example, 10 milestones in my life through the lens of my hair. or vision problems. or scars. and other things not necessarily related to my body. you get the picture.

17 October 2007

so, a bit of an intro...

well, for those of you who know me- and i'm assuming that's most readers- this section will prove a tad boring. unless you want a bio, than you will find it super interesting. to the others- i thought some context would be nice.

hi. my name is tatiana. i grew up in maryland and was not particularly proud of this fact until i left it and then oh boy, did i grow some pride. official state sport? jousting. official state TEAM sport? lacrosse. bird? oriole. flower? black eyed susan. song? 'o maryland' sung to the tune of 'o christmas tree'. and don't get me started on other md trivia. seriously, don't.

so the point is that i grew up maryland, with a year of rearing in england. that's where i picked up my thing for henry VIII's wives- really just the first two, but again, don't get me started.

high school for me was spent at an all girls catholic institution on the outskirts of dc. from there, i went to a marvelous small quaker college outside of philly. from there, i spent three years living around boston. i tend to inhabit the edges of major east coast cities.

i am now back at home. as in living at home. with some of my younger siblings and my parents. i go to school IN a city, where i'm learning how to make museums. i like museums. classes gives me headaches. or it could be the lack of water.

in further posts, i will lavish you all with tales of my childhood and young adult life- what it is like to grow up the four younger sisters and two baby brothers, an immigrant mother, huge hair, and choreographed dances to wilson phillips. i'll tell stories as the come to me but if you want a story focusing on a particular era of my life, please, ask. i just may care enough to listen.

or i may abandon the story telling jaunt and just amuse you with my wit and candor. this is my blog so it is pretty much my show. one thing i can promise you is that i will eventually have some sort of weekly feature- on what, i'm not entirely sure.

ps. labeling posts is my new favorite thing. ever.

16 October 2007


well, hello friends! this is a bad time to start a blog- mid way through my first semester of full time grad school- but a girl needs to blog, no? i promise to add more and soon but for now, i'm going to return to watching the office on nbc.com