31 July 2009

Recession Shopping

I will have to take photos of my other amazing finds, but for starters, I got this beauty for $25. Find of the century. Go Nana.

To come- amazing apron skirt, maxi dress of my dreams, recycled tote, and best bowl this side of heaven.

Retail therapy, I <3 you.

30 July 2009


I can be all about something but then they have to go and misspell "Colombian" and it is all over.

05 July 2009

Sunday Funday

You ever have those days where you are just filled with a BURST of cooking energy? Mine are few and far between but boy, howdy, was today ever one of them.

1. Roasted shrimp and aspagrus over whole wheat pasta with thyme and lemon juice.
2. Arugula salad with hearts of palm, red onion, tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, and sunflower seeds which will eventually be dressed with basil vinaigrette
3. Corn salad with black beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, hearts of palm, and lemon juice. Thought I had cilantro. Will be trying my hardest not to eat now and wait until I pick some up tomorrow.
4. Whole wheat pizza with basil pesto, red onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, and feta cheese.

And I'm not eating any of it tonight! Besides the snacking I've done along the way to taste test, this is all food for the week. I'm going out to dinner tonight with Alice and home for dinner on Tuesday, so I hope I can eat it all before it goes bad.

I'm looking forward to some delicious meals over the next few days.