30 September 2008

who is newly shorn?

ME! yes, i have been long over due for a hair cut. i haven't had one since i first got bangs back in... march? april? a long time ago. and an update and freshness were much needed.

so shy, aren't i?
my best sarah palin. imagine a gun in my hands and russia outside those windows.
senior photo. KIT!

so, it is still pretty long, though i'm actually a bit nervous about the length since it will shorten a great deal when curly. the bangs are MUCH better in that they are real bangs and not just hastily cut chops of hair (sorry aveda but bang did a much better job with my bangs. oh snap.) i love my hair when it is like this- professionally blow dried, silky smooth, and tangle free. i can run my hands through it. you straight haired ladies don't know how big of deal this is. even on my hair's best days in its natural state, it is still a nest. right now, i feel very dignified.
class of '09, ready to take on the world!

will be sure to post the curly everyday version when i eventually wash my hair. which might be never.

29 September 2008

elsewhere, she's a bit of a hippie

my newest post for for oceana.

27 September 2008

uh oh, she's back to doing this...

yes, yes, i'm back to putting up videos without much too explain. WHATEVER, GET OVER IT. THIS IS AWESOME.

25 September 2008

all things museum and saturday in nature

so, in case you are not aware, i am currently in graduate school for museum studies. it would be safe to say that i enjoy them. now, because i generally spend a good deal of time in museums (historic houses, archives, etc.) during the work week, i don't usually go to them on the weekend.

but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't.

this saturday is museum day 2008 and at hundreds of participating museums across the country, you can get in for free just by presenting an admissions card, available here.

if you want to go somewhere that's free anyway, check out the opening of the smithsonian's national museum of natural history's new sant ocean hall. there is a full day of activities.

(click to enlarge)

thus ends my museum plug for this saturday. i promise to get back to more exciting things like my appetite! new clothes! yay!

24 September 2008

excuse me miss, your apartment therapy obsession is showing

my posts here are still sporadic but i'm trying to get back into the habit of writing more because a) nablopomo is around the corner and b) sam and i have agree to go to blogher next year and i want to have a site worth the trip.

but i'm also writing on other sites! well, one other site. yes, you can learn about ocean activism from most of the people i work with. or you can read all about the pretty water filtration systems i find on apartment therapy. you know, because georgeous filters are just as important as sea turtles.

22 September 2008

the thrill!

- BOSSY commented on my blog! i still can't get over the fact that blogs that i read- and that thousands of others read too- might stop by here every once in awhile and take a gander. me!? little old me! SWOON.

- i got my learner's permit! that's right, i no longer need to carry around my passport for ID. no more being able to leave the country RIGHT THEN. now, i need to stop by my home to grab all pertinent documents.

but obviously the bigger deal is that i'm on my way to get my license. i've never had one. i don't think that i'll ever be a very good driver (old dogs, new tricks deal) but not being able to drive at 25 is probably something i shouldn't be proud of. of course, i don't have a car so i'm not entirely sure how i'll be able to get in all the practice i need to pass my road test, but as i can't do that for at least another month, i'm not too worried. i'll find a way. and then i will be a licensed driver who never drives and is terrified of the road. yippie!


15 September 2008

it has returned!

so, for the past week or so, i've had no appetite. none. no urge to eat or refuel or anything. when i get stressed out, i lose all ability to eat but i'm not particularly stressed. this time of year is always hardest on me- getting into the swing of a new schedule- but nothing harder than normal. and yet, last monday, i just didn't want to eat.

usually when i get a stress stomach, it is because the mere thought of eating makes me ill. i'm so upset about life that i make myself sick and am constantly nauseous. this time around, i felt fine- better than fine some days- but just no. hunger. i still forced myself (and was forced) to eat and i could enjoy the taste of food but the enter time i was eating, i was like "yeah this tastes good, but i feel totally full."

this continued through the entire week and weekend, and i thought i would snap out of it (i mean, you can tell by my title that i did). but it continued. and even though i don't have a scale, i lost 2-4 pounds. not the best way to do it, but hey, nice perk, huh?

but then i went to dinner at my friend's house. and there was a multi layer dip. and suddenly, i think i ate any weight loss in about 30 minutes.

what can i say, dip makes me week.

12 September 2008

dear google sponsored link

you think that i need dictionary.com to tell me what torrid means?


i read romance novels.

10 September 2008

in case you were wondering

my new pants

are mad comfortable.

09 September 2008

should i...

get an 500 texts a month for $5 opposed to my current plan of 250 texts for $5?

keep in mind that between sent (80) and received (180) texts, i've almost hit my limit and i have two weeks left before my next cycle begins. and it is $.20 for each extra text.

these are the dilemmas that weigh heavy on my mind.

well, i did it. i made the plunge. i now can send 500 messages a month to non verizon people. because i have unlimited IN messaging. sweet jesus, i'm going to be like a 13 year old girl with my phone. someone help me.

08 September 2008

not even kidding