31 May 2008

boy oh boy

ok, so i'm going to say it firmly- blog365 is so over for me right now. i could have made up peru, my slacking during finals, but the past two weeks on top of that?

yeah, that isn't going to happen.

because since the last time we've talked, i've kept busy with:
- earning 3 credits in 2 weeks through archeology field school. i spent most of the time digging up at shuter's hill from 9a-4p and the other days in the lab. the days were mad long, the work got a bit dull towards the end, but overall, i had a simply fantastic time. i loved one of my profs so much, pretty much how campers get attached to camp counselors. she loves big love! how could we not be friends? le sigh, i'll miss fran.

- visiting karel and alice in nj/nyc before alice headed out to ethiopia for the summer and karel moves to portland for forever. we had yummy sushi with horrible service at teak and managed to not pass out at the coney island sideshow. it was the best possible way to spend a weekend, for serious.

- finally saw baby mama. yes, it was predictable but i love tina and amy, so really, i knew i was going to enjoy it no matter what. and i'm going to see sex and the city tomorrow!

so, for the next five weeks, i just have my internship for three days a week and working two days a week! then, for six weeks, i have class two nights a week. what a summer! i'll still be posting, but not every day.

whew, good bye self imposed pressure!

16 May 2008

open letter to the random man behind the arlington westin

dear sir,

thank you for complimenting my hair. i know that the wind had been having its way with it and it certainly isn't looking the best it can be, but i sincerely appreciate you voicing your opinion.

but no, i will not tell you my name. shower me with compliments all you want, but that will not weaken my resolve.

i bid you a good eve.



15 May 2008

so little time

so, it seems like i was just finishing up with school... oh wait, because i did just finish LAST WEEK! but i've already got my reading list for my intensive two week archeology class. if you think the posts have been suffering lately, don't hold out any hope for the end of may- in the course of two weeks, i will read three books, many articles, keep a log of all my excavating, take an exam, and plan and carryout a public excavation day.

and then i have one day of rest before i start my new internship and job.


not only that, i have this staring at me all day:
waiting on my night stand are two copies each of O, Museum, and Smithsonian. and one copy of exhibitionist- which i love in so many ways. the 12 year old boy in my titters because of the name but the master's student in me is all agog over the exhibits featured because it is a museum magazine, not a nude one.

jeez, get your mind out of the gutter.

besides, i keep my flesh mags in the powder room.

14 May 2008

a banner day

- frank sinatra's death day. there was supposed to be a party but i think we are going to lump it in with graduation celebrations.


it is lovely out so i'm done here. it may only take two things to make today a banner day, but honestly, HA-frickin'-ZZAH!

13 May 2008

the hunt

anyone who knows me personally knows that i am NOT happy with my current job situation. not to belabor the fact, but i REALLY am not happy. so i've been sending out cover letters and resumes like whoa.

as of right now, i'm waiting to hear back from the smithsonian about a part time gallery attendant position for the summer. i'm making a call to a non profit that i interviewed at a few weeks ago. the natural trust for historic preservation wants to talk to me.

oh and the sewall-belmont house wants me as a docent. and i would love take that job but it is only for a few hours a week and i would still have to be at the 'bucks! farf- that's the feeling you aren't sure you are going to barf or fart. yeah, sam and i come up with amazing lovely things.

so be on the lookout here for some big news! news!

12 May 2008

peruvian fun fact #3

lima is much much prettier than you would imagine.or at least, much prettier than i imagined. my trips to latin and south america have taken be through both rural and urban areas and needless to say, the urban areas (with the exception of cartagena, colombia- MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY, EVER) left much to be desired. dirty, smoggy, loud.

i mean, i'm all of those things, so i can't really be in a place that's just like me too.

enter lima, a city of gardens.
they are sprinkled all throughout the city. and if gardens aren't your thing, how about ancient ruins?
because yeah, they are everywhere too.

there are fun buildings.
and monuments.
the amazing water park... well, that will have to wait for another post.

and the flowers- oh the flowers- and address signs were my obsessions. again, another post.

11 May 2008

happy mother's day!

i've got two moms. and not in that particularly cool lesbian caregiver kind of way. more in the mom/step mom kind of way. but because both of my bio parents remarried before i was 4, i don't really remember my "real" parents ever being together, making me an odd child of divorce.

all i can say is that for mother's day, i have twice as much love to spread. but alas, i was remiss is sharing it with one of my moms. like my blogging, i'm slipping with my personal correspondence.

so i hope that you all wished your mom(s) a happy day. i shall be making belated calls on the morrow.

10 May 2008

oh yeah, out of town guests- you know how i love them?

well, i've got two more! yayay! elle (from baltimore, not too far) and jake (from australia via calgary- a bit farther) were also in town. my voice is still a bit hoarse from what my be the best rendition of "bohemian rhapsody" i have ever performed. in flower patterned fishnets.

because of course, when you have out of town guests, you need to be on top of your game.

09 May 2008

oh yeah, p.s.

so, michael was in town.

and it twas wonderful.

from when we first say each other till we said good bye, it was all hugs and smiles and guacamole and crazy madcap fun.

i love out of town guests.

and believe they should come more often.

08 May 2008

peruvian fun fact #2

peru is the motherland of all tubers. and yet, while i was there, it wasn't the potatos that caught my attention but the large kerneled corn.

seriously, that corn... so FANTASTIC. months later, i still dream about that corn, the kernels are large enough to pick off the cob one by one. you can buy corn in the husk for one sol (about 30 cents) and for half a sol more, you can get a large slab of mild campesino cheese shoved between the husk and cob. and it gets all meltly and soft.

mmmm, corn. and cheese.

07 May 2008

ok some catchup

i've been horrible with the posting lately- this i know.

so i'm trying to make up for it.

just so you know, i may start writing for real here. like, with capitalization and all.

so... there will be a lot of posts that may seem the same tone. because i'm doing them all at the same time.


06 May 2008


oldest children- we are the best for a reason!

and young siblings- science proves me right... you do have it easier!

thanks for the link, middle sib karel.

05 May 2008

feliz cinco de mayo

That's right, my beer has a poncho.

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04 May 2008

so close!

i'm practically done with my first (and last) year of full time grad school.

sorry for the short post, but i'm concentrating on script writing and format.

i promise to be more exciting soon- if only for two weeks because then i'm back in class.

03 May 2008

little red cookbook, little red cookbook

i saw eddie izzard last night.

i screamed.

i clapped.

i clasped emily's hand.

i behaved in the the most schoolgirlish way i have ever in my life.

so totally worth it.

and now i'm beating myself up about it because if i could have waited around for an hour- ONE MEASLY HOUR- i could have met the man that spawned these:

02 May 2008

an aside: on cake

when and how did cake become a celebratory food? why is it always birthday cake? why not wedding pie? or going away brownies?

obviously, i have another exhibit brewing in my brain- the evolution of cake as the celebration desert.

and why dessert? why isn't it the birthday baked potato? or congratulations steak?

hmm.... all these interesting thoughts...

01 May 2008


even if it is a short post.

this song randomly popped into my head, my heart, and i'm not going to lie, my groins. that music and heavy breathing at the beginning... whew, does things to a girl.

i apologize to my family and folks who just don't need to know that much about me. but honestly, how can you not feel things when a group of men called the zombies are asking you who your daddy is and if he happens to be rich like them.