11 November 2007


i thoroughly enjoy my blog. yum. throughout the course of any day, i make mental (and sometimes physical) notes of things that i want to relay to my loyal public. for example, while at best buy yesterday, my friend elle picks up the movie rain man and says 'you know, for a person who really loves movies about retarded people, i'm surprised i've never seen this.' hilarious because she is being most sincere. she really loves developmentally challenged people. these snippets, my mom's jokes, stories of pee puddles, the history of my hair- the things blogs were made for.

and yet i can't stay true to rizado.

i have two other blog names in reserve, waiting for the right time.

i have one for my museum work and another for- who knows! the museum one has my real name on it, so i'm not going to say it here. the other one is just blank so you can check it out to see if i'm lying. it is crabcakes and football. yes, like the movie. as in, those are the things that maryland does. i don't have a deep passion to blog about regional cuisine or sports, but i had to get the name before someone else. just in case.

and now i am feeling the need to get another one. both me and friend karel have aching uteri for two things: children and to be mom bloggers. now, neither of these things are going to happen in the near future- heavens no. and that is how i want it to be. the ache is for later. but in my insane desire to have as many blogs as possible, i want to reserve my mom blog name now.

any suggestions? i love a good pun. oh! how about pun in the oven! oh man, i think i may have just saved myself from framing my children's lives around old bay and the terps.

i'll still take suggestions though. one can never have too many blank blogs.

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