22 November 2007

i've been dreaming of love's true kiss!

go see enchanted. it is superbly marvelous. it is so much more than your standard rom com.

don't let the animation throw you- the movie is great fun for people who grew up on classic disney films. i don't really know how to do a movie review without giving away any plot, but i'll just say that i laughed, i cried (no really i did. i cry at pretty much everything though, so this isn't really a definitive statement).

on another note, i let my little sister borrow my computer without closing my rizado tab. so she found my blog and started reading it (hi, cecilia! you are so not taking my dress and bracelet back to school, so don't even think about it).

now, i didn't TRY to hide the blog from my fam, i just didn't tell them. and i guess i kinda cover my ass enough that i wouldn't be upset by anything my family would find here. i don't know if this is smart blogging sense or i'm just boring.

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