22 November 2007

thanks y'all.

i like me some thanksgiving. in my house of semi-strict eating rules (perhaps best elaborated upon in a future post), thanksgiving marked one of the few days a year when rules are relaxed. plus, i like cooking, sneaking pieces of food off of platters, the excuse to just be lazy and generally kick back on a fun fall day. so, while it isn't my most fav of all holidays (pros: don't have to go to church, cons: don't give/get any gifts), i still like to mark the day.

things i am thankful for:
- my parents putting me up in their house. while i lament my lack of independence, i really like not paying rent and it is kinda cool to be with my parents when i'm no longer a snotty teenager. and it is making grad school a much more reasonable endeavor.
- a functioning computer. i love my betty (named as such because she is a mac. made by apple. like apple brown betty. i love naming inanimate objects. again, another post.)
- pilates class. though i like to think of it as my pirates class.
- nablopomo. i'm going to see if i can keep up the daily posts (of some sort of quality) past the 30 nov end point. it might not be that strong in early december, but try to keep me from making excuses. unless you don't want me to post. than, let me crash and burn.
- my growing number of comment[er]s. seriously, i save all my emails that blogger sends me saying that i have a new comment.
- verizon in calling. that and the fact that most people i call on any sort of regular basis have verizon.
- i know i've said this before, but online tv. really, honestly, so thankful.
- renting movies from the library. as you can see, i truly love free media of every shape and form.
- down lap blankets and the number we have laying around the house.
- post-it notes.

how about you, loyal interweb readers? what are you thankful for? meats and cheeses? animals? people? nouns? verbs? gerunds? the sky and all its majestic wonder? belt loops? lemme know.

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