24 July 2008

aren't i a little tease?

so, i start posting again, only to fall off the face of the blog planet. i know, i'm the epitome of going back on my word.

but i don't know if you know this. summer classes- TIME CONSUMING! i'm going to the beach this weekend (hazzah!) so i had to work doubly hard the past week and a half to get ahead on my reading, finish my first assignment, and complete a take home quiz. all worth it to fell the sun on my pale pale belly. because i will not be hiding my tummy light under a one piece- oh no, it will be like a great beacon, calling one and all down to the shore.

but besides the unveiling of the great white for the first time this summer- seriously, what is the world coming to when i haven't been (outside) in a bathing suit until the end of july!- i promise that i've got some good posts abrewing. including a photo essay of my day with a 18 inch sandwich.

12 July 2008

1812, you are the death of me

hi, have we met? i'm tatiana and i'm skittish. loud noises often cause me to yelp. sudden movements make me cringe. if you tickle me, odds are i will react with both noise and movement.

so why did i think that going to see the 1812 overture WITH LIVE CANNON (effects) would be a good idea?

perhaps it was because it was preceded by selections from the nutcracker. ah, how i love the nutcracker. i was a mouse. and a toy solider, too i think. i have parts of the nutcracker on my ipod and i rarely skip through it. le sigh.

now, i'm not saying that i'm sad i went. or even that i didn't leave early. i enjoy the 1812 as much as the next person (well, perhaps not as much as my friend diana, but she's crazy). but seriously- LIVE CANNONS. not something i need to experience again.

08 July 2008

hello again!

hi, everyone! did i manage to hold onto any readers? probably not. i know that as a blog reader, if someone doesn't keep to schedule, i'm one of the first to fall away.

sorry! what can i say- i've been having a great summer. i love my internship- seriously, if i could work here post graduation, it would be simply divine! it is exactly what i want to be doing- researching and putting together exhibits, working with a small core of people within a larger organization, lots of different topics, the works. ah, fantastic! also, i randomly ran into someone who i went to high school with and we are now office, internet, and (soon to be) real friends! so three cheers to national geographic for being the best internship ever!

new job is going well too. i really like that it is still non profit, so i can wear jeans to work, but not museums, so i don't OD on all things exhibition. people are super nice, we have happy hours every other week, and i get to order things from staples. very very good.

i just started my second class of the summer yesterday, so i feel the next six weeks are going to be a bit more crazy than my previous halcyon days of summer, but if that means i can avoid work by blogging (ahem, like right now) than you will probably have more reading material from me in july than you did in june.

what was i so busy doing, besides pen inventories and photo research? let's see... i've gone to movies, baseball games, trivia nights, revolving bars, had cookouts, hosted a father's day brunch, had some hermit weekend days where i've watched 8+ hours of degrassi:the next generation, hosted a karel visit, perfected my happy dance, bought way more new clothes and shoes than i can afford, read a ton of romance novels, and had many many dates with cheeseburgers, sandwiches, and sushi.

whew, just a bit tiring.