30 November 2010

Still missed NaBloPoMo

So even though I'm post dating this months late, I will still think it counts towards NaBloPoMo. Suck it, internet gods.

29 November 2010

Needs to be done

So, never in the history of this blog have I failed at NaBloPoMo. So even though I'll be post dating these posts like whoa (and honestly, I'll be the only one who cares) it just needs to be done.


And now you've caught up! Look forward to one for real-time update tomorrow. And Happy NaBloPoMo.

14 November 2010

New Specs

So, I've had the same glasses for over four years now and am feeling like I need some new frames. There is a place online - Warby Parker - where I can test drive five pairs and at only $95 a piece, I might get two pairs.

What do you think? Only grabbed 3 here, so feel free to go peruse the site and tell me what you think I should also try. I've got a round face, so those are the only ones I looked at. But with 5 frames to try, I can mix it up.

13 November 2010

Brighten Up Any Rainy Day

Wouldn't say no.

12 November 2010

Top Christmas Movies

- Elf
- Scrouged
- Love Actually
- First 3 Harry Potters with Christmas Scenes in the Great Hall

11 November 2010

Oh Taio Cruz, You Heartbreaker

Because I like getting really into songs months past the height of their popularity.

10 November 2010

New Guilty Pleasure

Oh, and it is guilty.

Drop Dead Diva.

I still haven't gotten to the episodes with Paula Abdul (oh yes, the one, the only) but Margaret Cho as a sassy assistant? Check. Unrequited love? Check. Flashback scenes that keep the "dead" character in the action? Check.

09 November 2010

Catch Up

Classic movies I haven't seen but am slowly making up for
- Trainspotting (check)
- Gremlins
- Goonies (finally! check)
- care to add more to the list? Yeah, there are more, but this whole making up for weeks of posting in one night is taxing

08 November 2010

Colors of Happiness

I have several different, color coded Google calendars. Fun times, appointments, work, reminders. Let's just say I'm over the moon that so much has been green lately.

07 November 2010

Sometimes, it all comes together

He's from DC. This song is featured on an Australian TV show. DC. Australia. TV. Yes, fantastic.

06 November 2010

Goal for the End of the Year

Get my DC learner's permit.

Well... I'll look into what it takes to getting a DC learner's permit.

Not like I'm gonna get a car or anything but perhaps, just maybe, it is time to join the great American driving nation.

You can help by sending me links to the DC government explaining what I need to do.

05 November 2010

Small things that have changed my world

- an arm case for my iPod so that I don't have to carry it while I work out. I did this for way, way too long.
- suitcase with four spinner wheels. I like it so much, I'm sometimes just walk around my house, spinning my luggage. JUST BECAUSE.
- greader, even though it has been entirely too long since I'm on top of it on a regular basis.
- baked cheetos. so amazingly delicious.

04 November 2010

You know what your day needs?

Animal mugs

Drinks are better out of an elephant.

03 November 2010

I love Renn Fest

and turkey legs.

02 November 2010

Election Night?

How did it go? Too busy picking up last CSA of the year, grubbing with Kfront, and video chatting with two lovely ladies to partake in the electorate process.

Now to bed with Netflix and Aero bars.

01 November 2010

Hello November

I may never blog anymore but it is November and I can't let a three year streak go to waste. So you get my thoughts for a full month! Isn't that awesome? I think so.

So for starters, I have to say the one week I actually care about sports (baseball in particular) has come to an end. Go Giants, but most importantly, go Colombians! So happy that Edgar Renteria did so well this post season. Props to Barranquillos!

What's odder, the fact I'm blogging or the fact it's about sports?