27 August 2008

strong desires

to pick up and take a vacation, anywhere. to spend money i don't have. to eat crabs everyday, even though i know they aren't sustainable. to get my permit but also to remain license-less. to get my hair cut. to dye my hair, though i can't decide on darker or lighter. to get new glasses. to buy new pants. to do yoga everyday. to clean my computer, both externally and internally. to be a few weeks in the future, when my fall schedule will hopefully be set and i will be a little less foggy brained about everything.

24 August 2008

quite possibly the best picture, EVER

i have no idea why steve guttenberg looks like he is running a carwash for the jonas brothers, but i love it. makes me want to watch short circut.
from dlisted.com.

22 August 2008

maybe this will become a standing feature

this is how i'm spending my friday night:

- a dinner of edamame and orange sticks. and yes, i went to trader joe's today, how could you tell?

- watching this and this. because no one will watch they with me, so a friday night in alone is the best time. but don't sob for me, a woman eating chocolate and watching romcoms alone because i'm also

- drinking a bottle of preseco.

21 August 2008

because it has been awhile

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Your result for The Which Lolcat Are You? Test...


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17 August 2008

how i spent my sunday

- lazy morning in bed, trying to make a cat my new best friend. we've gone from i'm not allowed to look at her to she can sit on a chair in the same room to next to me to NAPPING WITH MY KNEES AS A PILLOW. i'm still not allowed to pet her, but slow and steady progress all the same.

- papusas, nachos, and tacos for lunch. muy rico.

- hbo movies on demand, especially weepy ones, are the only way to spend an evening in alone.

- gave in to almost a decade of pressure and looked up information about getting my driver's license. because for those of you who don't know, i am 25 and have never, ever had a license. i took driver's ed when i was 16, have had two permits, but never took a road test. i read the whole manual today and instead of feeling more sure of myself, i'm scared shitless. SCARED. SHITLESS. but i will still be getting my learner's permit soon. and 30 days after that, i can get my license. and continue to never drive, but at least i'll have a form of ID other than my passport.

13 August 2008

$$ and smells

so since i had a semi public freakout here on monday, i guess y'all deserve an update. i'm going to be ok, though i should probably scale back on eating and going out. i got the second job and will probably start next week. i'm still working part time so that i can fit in my second internship, starting this fall and into the spring. a huge sigh of relief all around. xanax remains untouched.

thanks to everyone who expressed concern. goes to show how little hardship i've had to actually deal with in my life when a slight hiccup leaves me unmoored. but i didn't cry about it! at all! in public! or even by myself! and to me, that's the most amazing thing of all of this- i just may be learning how to control my emotions and deal with stress appropriately.

except that i only had cottage cheese, soup, and a corn dog to eat on monday because i lose my appetite when stressed. still not the most healthy thing ever.

on a completely unrelated note: does anyone else out there hate the secret commercial for their new flawless deodorant that has 5 signs of awesomeness of something? the one where the annoying bitch keeps on raising her arms around new york? i can't find a clip of it on youtube (probably because it is the pits PUN INTENDED) but i did find these crazy kids reenacting it, so that will have to do.

12 August 2008

wait for it, it will freak you out

funny looking australian animals... have funny looking body parts.

slightly NSFW.

and i'm going to interview for a second job today, so hopefully i won't have to resort to the xanax i have on hand for flying to get me through the day. deep breaths...

11 August 2008

money, money, money

must be funny, in a rich man's world.

so, not only have i recently seen mamma mia!- fantastic! amazing! it will change your life... er, your afternoon! but i also recently discovered something a bit disturbing about my financial situation. in that it is dire. money is always such a FUN and STRESS FREE and not at all UNCOMFORTABLE topic to discuss, so i'm not going to get into to it too much just to say that i'm going to have to seriously reevaluate budget stuff and perhaps get another job. on top of my part time one. on top of my internship. and on top of my fall class.


does your mother know you are out? because if she did, she would probably tell you to go home and save some dough.

01 August 2008

i'm all over the place

school is still crazy, but i did manage to post... somewhere else.