30 November 2007

i've done it!

woohoo! nablopomo, i smoked your ass. sure, not all my posts might have not be as high quality as this, but i made it through november! i'm going to try to keep up with the daily posting schedule, if anything, so that when i'm rich and famous and people discover me through friends, they have TONS of archives to read back through (hello, future loyal readers!).

also in some exciting news- i left a question at smitten kitchen about two weeks ago and deb answered it! so swoon worthy to see my name (and rizado!) on a blog that is so popular. my little blog! le sigh. my question and her answer are right below the picture of the lemon.

so now that nablo is over, i hold my breath waiting to see if i won one of the 62 fantastic prizes. i mean, i guess that getting into better writing habits is prize enough, but honestly, i like stuff.

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