19 November 2007

down in the mouth

i have a bad case of the mondays, times a headache. i don't want to be all mopey/get too personal, but i will say that things aren't the best for me right now, in terms of my tear ducts and the like.

i will be ok- i'm always ok, given time- but time hasn't passed since this monday yet, so i'm still kinda shaky.

if you are one of the few people who read this who get to see me in everyday life, a hug would be most appreciated. you might want to come prepared with a burping cloth, as i might leave some snot on your shoulder.

ps. i have to say my resolve in academia is picking up- my mom asked me if i wanted to go shopping today instead of going to school and i turned her down! i figure that since i have no job or anything else going on right now, school is where it should be. go nerd!

1 comment:

une petite chose said...

i can't believe you turned down shopping. this means a trip to nyc is definitely in order!!