30 April 2008

bad blogger

if someone out there will go through march and april and add up the days that i've missed, i promise to make them up over the summer.

though with a part time job, an internship, and two classes, i don't know why i think i'll be any less busy. wishful thinking.

28 April 2008

a taste of the academic life

so, here is my presentation for my exhibit class. you can't see the awesome clips i found on youtube, but look, it's pink!

27 April 2008

perhaps i'm cooler than i thought

i've always painted myself as pretty nerdy. i mean, i still read young adult novels that have talking woodland animals in them, i love disco unironically, played magic the gathering in college, and considered becoming a librarian.

but then i find myself sitting in a cafe on sunday afternoon, reading the new york times, sipping tea, listening to the nutcracker suite on my macbook with my side swept bangs and glasses, in layered shirts and cardigan and it hits me...

the cool facade is firmly in place.

but somehow, i don't think i'm fooling anyone- i still know all the words to ABBA's "fernando". mainstream coolness and intimate details of sweden's greatest export can't coexist.

totally fine by me- i'll keep my eurostars and you can have your status. i LOOK cool and that's all that matters anyway.

26 April 2008

i love youtube for many reasons, but one high on my list right now is watching videos of songs that some other dedicated fan has set out all the lyrics so i can perfect my karaoke performance.

her are two examples:

can you guess which one i listen/watch more?

so sad.

25 April 2008


so, my face still hurts a bit (and i know, it has always hurt you! yuk yuk.)

but i can also add a pleasant burn in my upper arms.


because today, i hung curtains WITHOUT POWER TOOLS. that's right, just my sheer physical strength and a screwdriver.

of course, there is the distinct possibility that the curtains will collapse on me in the middle of the night. seeing how the rod is from restoration hardware, it will certainly do some serious brain damage due to its heft.

but at least i will leave a good looking (and dentally healthy) corpse.

24 April 2008


brush your teeth twice daily.


rinse with a fluoride solution.


because even though i look like this:
i feel like this:
ow. five fillings in one sitting makes for a grumpy hungry tatiana.

23 April 2008

the best phrasing of my lifelong motto

"be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - dr. seuss

22 April 2008

this is why i said happy birthday on sunday

because apparently, wishing you happy birthday two days early, sending you a facebook message, and finding the perfect someecard for you just isn't enough.

you can stop making faces at me now, thanks.

girlie girl

ways in which i'm very ungirly
- very crass humor, especially when it comes to "what she said"
- a deep love of all things bacon and cheeseburger
- take great pride in my stupid human tricks- bagel, anyone?
- enjoy the taste of beer straight from the can or bottle instead of a glass

ways in which i'm super girly
- i get my eyebrows waxed
- over analyze everything that everyone says to me
- dance around my room to miley cyrus and michael buble, perfecting my next karaoke routines
- buy new shoes, take pictures of them, and post them here
i've fully given into the style i previously hated! no big surprise there- i was totally against pointy toed shoes and tucking jeans into knee high boots and that is pretty much all i wore this winter. i'm all about stating really strong opinions about footwear and then changing my mind, apparently.
i don't care if you think they are a little grandma because i have WHITE PATTERNED PUMPS! muahahahaha. i will wear them and be in love with my elderly feet.

21 April 2008

coincidence? i think NOT

and the world is telling me that this is my song.

it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me.

and i'm feeling good.

or i will be on may 5 at 5pm when i'm DONE.

20 April 2008

watching paint dry

no, literally, yesterday i was avoiding work by watching paint and bras dry.

my brain just couldn't handle any more museum work.

plus, it was lovely out and my roommates needed company while they painted lawn chairs and i needed to hand wash my delicates.

17 April 2008



so productive!

things i did today

- finished (aka colored in with crayons) four floor plans.
- wrote a 3 page evaluation plan for my faux museum... just one more 'red flag' issue and it is done!
- applied for two jobs, one in an actual museum! shock! about the history of the national women's party! seeing as i'm doing museum studies, studied feminist and gender studies, and cried during iron jawed angels, PERFECT FOR ME! the other one, on campus with TUITION BENEFITS!
- organized my massive 'jobs' folder into manageable chunks.
- arranged to meet with the manager of a better starbucks than the hellmouth that is my current store.
- made a healthy lunch of tuna with spinach and strawberry yogurt with a banana (i'm forcing myself to like them more).
- was casually biting my thumb blister while thinking and cut it open and my mouth filled with nasty healing liquid. but on the up side, blister is gone and i've got a hot thumb bandaid while the VERY sensitive flesh renews itself.
- looked up a recipie for quick brining of chicken. and then i'm going to stuff it with goat cheese and thyme. BECAUSE I LOVE SALT AND CHEESE AND THYME.

waking up at 8am really does open the day up. and apparently, augments my love of exclamation points with an INTENSE DESIRE FOR ALL CAPS.

16 April 2008

i love potatos

i love potatos, in pretty much every form. true, pomme frittes occupy a special place in my heart- probably quite literally- but spuds in many incarnations get my pulse racing.

like baked potatos a few solid hours of work. with salsa and butter. mmm.

in fact, i love them so much that i can't wait to take them out of the microwave.

and thus i burn myself. yes, that there on the edge of my thumb is a blister. i burned my index finger too but the blister isn't nearly as impressive. and how did the blister get to be so bad?

because i only ran it under cold water for about 10 seconds.



to be fair, i did hold sam's ice water while eating. but not the recommended 2 minute cold water bath it really needed.

and now i look like this.
a really really unhappy monkey. and the blister that's the cause of all the distress.

in case you were wondering, the potato- SO TASTY.

14 April 2008

and she says i'm flithy

roommate sam and i are chewing the fat, as they say, and enummerating the issues that young women are plauged with.

will we ever find someone to love us? will we ever get married? will we have babies? what if we have problems having babies? what if we don't want babies and people make us feel guilty about it? am i going to stay at home or go to work?

and young men? their quandry?

how can i stick it in as many holes as possible?

for full effect, imagine a petite blonde in an oversized redskins sweatshirt, lying down, thrusting her hips skyward.

13 April 2008


i have an obsessive personality. i know, nothing new there. but really, i go through these phases where i can't get enough of certain things.

current trends-
"that's what she said jokes"- this trend comes and goes with alarming frequency

jeopardy!- though my love of trivia never dies out, my need for this particular show is especially strong right now.

cheeseburgers- i know i mentioned this recently, but honestly, my burger consumption is getting particularly ridiculous. and if you include any foodstuffs that include both bacon and cheese- well, we really have a problem on our hands.

michael bublé "feeling good"- i know i'm not allowed to post any more videos but look at all these words i wrote! so it isn't like i'm trying to avoid the work of a blog post with a simple youtube grab. but back to the song. when i found it on friday afternoon, something inside of me came to life and i've listened to it perhaps more than 25 times since then. no probably more. because while i was doing homework all day yesterday, i would just keep hitting "replay".... "replay".... "REPLAY"

it just fulfills all my needs of wanting to be a nightclub singer from a bygone era. because yes, i have put my hair back in a twist, danced around, and practiced singing it in the mirror. with arm movements and all.

12 April 2008

ok, so...

looks like i missed a few days there! sorry!

when i said april was hell, i wasn't kidding. i set my alarm for 7am this morning (for those who know me, they know this is nothing something i would ever willingly do) and finally got up around 8:30. i'm now going to make some oatmeal and begin my day.

UGH. i can not WAIT until i can sleep in again without guilt! this will be my last finals period where i'm taking a full course load and i'm already SO over learning.

09 April 2008

the academic posts begin

woke up at 6:30am today so that i can edit an evaluation report. riveting stuff.

To address the three research questions, evaluators decided to use a mixed methods approach to gather data in a variety of ways. Surveys were designed to get to visitors’ motivations behind visiting David Macaulay. Through focused observations, evaluators learned how visitors actually use and interact with certain exhibit elements. Evaluators conducted interviews to gain context behind visitors’ understanding of the exhibitions main goals.

and then i took a two hour nap.

08 April 2008

real age

i'm 24! i know that no one who doesn't know me personally commented or guessed my age, but i can't leave you hanging any longer.

and that is a wizened 24. i'll be 25 oh so soon.

and then i'll look 6 years younger. sweet, 19 was a great year. woohoo australia!

06 April 2008

i must know

to those of you who know my real age, please, don't give this away to the kind folks at home.

how old do i look? (and yes, these are my new bangs! i was having a little photo shoot.)

there is no right or wrong answer. i will give a hint and say that i do tend to look younger than i am and i've come to terms with that. even though i don't think i was very nice to the woman who thought i was in EIGHTH GRADE. but other than that, i'm open to your thoughts on my age.

if you could also explain why you think i look the age i do, that would be helpful.

and no, this isn't academic writing. i guess i do have a bit of the random still inside of me.

--edit: i'm 5'4", if that helps your decision at all. proceed.--

oh ok, FINE!

so karel apparently doesn't approve of my videos. to which i have to say- um, i like them and this is my blog. so there.

ok, so i can give up a little more. april is upon us- as you all are aware- and it is finals time. and i just started back at the bucks. so i'm a little strapped for time. and while i can some how find the time to eat hot dogs at ikea, my writing time has been devoted to writing for school.

so blog readers, i'll ask you, would you like video or samples of my academic writing? because that's about all i can give you right now.

05 April 2008

ich liebe

'nuff said.

03 April 2008

they've got me!

anyone else as love with this ad as much as me? i don't think so, because it is pretty much my favorite thing on tv right now. he's so in love with the shampoo, that he squeezes both bottles on his head at once! and he's not in the shower! he won't have any when he needs it! in the shower!

peruvian fun fact #1

i have used public restrooms the world over. french alps, check. western coast of australia, check. dead sea, check. sweden, colombia, andorra, spain- check, check, check, and check. and they have fallen all over the cleanliness scale- bathrooms with attendants to literal holes in the ground.

but peru, bathrooms in peru are special.

never before had i experienced the widespread practice of removing the toilet seat. that's right, apparently it is common for public bathrooms in peru to be just the bowl. airports, restaurants, malls- all seatless. so odd.

and for someone who has peed in a compost toilet that smells like a petting zoo, that means something.

02 April 2008

be still my heart

whenever i can't think of what to write, i invariably turn to karel. you should be used to this by now.

"if i could have a relationship with a fictional tv character, whom would it be?"

dr. jack hodgins from bones.

sure, he's a little on the short side for me, but he's ridiculously smart, quick witted and looks good both with and without facial hair (i like a man with a versatile face). it doesn't hurt that he's mad loaded- i mean, money isn't the main reason i love him but it doesn't hurt. also, he has the libido of a teenage boy and i want someone who wants to constantly make out with me/do it on a historic bed. (sorry, family members and reading public who don't like to read about my sexual urges).

01 April 2008

happy spring

so, when your little sister tells you that she's in a girls gone wild video, check the date.

she may be kidding.

happy april fools.