07 November 2007

skipping through NaBloPoMo and best of

so, i said i would be doing this thing in alphabetical order but as i look at my list, i realize that a) i covered bsc headquarters already and b) daintee hasn't posted since late july. for real. i mean, i know she's busy with the whole being a teacher and moving, etc. but i can't in good conscience lead you to a blog that isn't actively posting. but go check out her archives :)

so, that brings us to

dc outsider, the best of the dc/job/sports blogs i read. mainly, because he's one of my bff's bf and lets me sleep at his house fortnightly.

like rizado, dc outsider is just getting started, so now is the time to get in on the ground floor. it is set up as a job hunting blog, but brett's interests are far too wide to be constrained so he waxes poetic and wittily on politics, his beloved soxs, and ireland. he puts in a lot more pics and videos than i do, which is something i commend him for- really reaching out to those visual learners.

but i don't want to be out done! so here's my attempt to do this video thing. i know this is old, but i enjoy it. and seeing as it is political in nature, i think it fits with dc outsider. *fingers crossed*

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Brett said...

Hey Tatiana! Thanks so much for the shout-out. I think you are the first person to say I have ever "waxed poetic" about anything. Good for my self-esteem. Well, keep up the good work with the blog and see you soon.