20 November 2007

writers' strike

i'm starting to get worried that my shows won't be coming back. and since all shows are my shows, this should worry everyone else too.

i should say that i watched 99.8% of my tv on the interweb because my schedule is not consistent enough to be home for prime time viewing. and seeing as my parents have a tv with a vcr built it, they really aren't on going to get anything like a dvr or tivo. fine by me- i just watch until my eyes fall out on the go.

all that being said, i feel bad that my constant tv viewing might be hurting the people who create my obsession.


i am saying that i would be willing to pay a reasonable fee to be able to watch tv online. i don't want to do an itunes thing of paying per show (mainly because if i had to add up how much i spend on tv in time and money, i might cry) but i would pay a yearly fee to each of my main networks- nbc, abc, and fox- for the privilege to watch shows online.

if i agree to do this, can the writers take it and please not strike? please?!?! it could be a thanksgiving miracle.

1 comment:

une petite chose said...

i will write you a tv show. you don't even have to pay me!