28 August 2011

Life! Changes! Life changes!

So, big news in these parts.

I'm moving to San Francisco.

I don't really talk about my personal relationships here, but I've been dating an amazing gentleman for the past year, Ian, and in just over a week, he's moving out to California to start his new job, and about 3 weeks after that, I'm joining him.

I've been in DC for four years now, and with my most of my family nearby (and certainly the vast majority on the East Coast in general), I figure that this will be the spot where I end up. But I'm not really ready to do the final end up quite yet.

And so, the next few weeks are filled with packing, moving, saying goodbye (but not really, since I'll be back in DC in early November), and all the other super fun errands that accompany a cross country move.

As for what I'll do in SF, I'm working remotely for my current employer for the remainder of the year, at home (where ever that will be) alone. So I figure that I'll need to reach out for adult companionship and that it is very likely that my blog will pick up again. So, my loneliness is your gain!

In all seriousness, I'm going through a lot of emotions currently and they each battle out for prominence. Added to the mix is that I'm moving with someone and that our emotions don't always match, though this could be a good thing, because typically, when I'm freaking out, Ian's calm, and when I'm excited, he's nervous about getting it all done. Balance and all that.