08 November 2007

running out of steam

oh no! what have i done? it is only the 8th and i'm already worried about making it through the month. especially because i have pages and pages of academic writing to do. and a trip to boston. and thanksgiving. woe is me!

so, in lieu of a real post, i'm just going to say that i'm very proud of myself for at least LOOKING like a grad student. i have the big black coat and scarf, the ever present nerd glasses, working on my laptop in the library, and drinking out of a coffee cup (psst, it's tea). i would say that appearances are at least 75% of the game.

oh and i can share another piece of my history! this is based on my mom's recollection, so i'm not sure of the finer points.

sometime, when i was in fifth or sixth grade, i went through a very pious period- this part i DO remember. i was very much into being a good catholic. i thought about being a priest (being a nun was not an option- they can't consecrate hosts). i said the rosary every night in bed. and, as part of this self reflection, i decided that it wasn't enough to confess to my priest. i had to atone with those i had trespassed against. it was like my own personal 12 step program towards becoming a holy person.

here's where my memory fades and my mom steps in.

so, one night, i hesitantly approached my mom.

'mommy? i have something to tell you.'

'what is it, sweetie?'

'well, you know how you asked me the other day if i thought you were fat. and i said that you weren't. i lied.'

'you are fat.'

heaven, here i come.

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