27 November 2007

wish lists

so, my mom has said 'no list, no presents' in reference to chirstmas gifts this year, so i'm wondering what i should get. here's what i've got so far.

- digital camera. i can't decide if i want something small to throw into my bag or something a little fancier (that will obvi be my only present) that i can do fun things with. because honesty, how many more pics like this do you want to see?

- yoga/workout pants. living at home, i get to use my family membership to the gym, which means that i've been wearing my 4+ year old workout pants for something more than lazing around. now, i'm a hardcore lazy person, so i've had to sew the crotch of all my (2) pairs of workout pants. not a big deal when i'm on the elliptical, but when i'm doing open leg rocker in pirates class, every can tell that i like to darn black pants with yellow and purple thread. hot.

- an external hard drive and some more memory. i read this and am now afraid that i don't have my stuff backed up anywhere. and even though i've got 15 GB left on betty, if i get a camera, that won't be enough very soon.

- cool feet. damn, i'm getting these for myself if it doesn't happen otherwise.

- i have a list of books from romance novels to historical fiction to books about minerals. always good to supply specifics, though i've ended up with some very quality reads with the broad 'books you think i would like'.

- money. i could always use money. hello, i'm a student? yeah, money is nice.

so, loyal readers (i think your numbers have swelled to just under 10 now! woohoo!), please let me know a) of the above list, specifics of what i should get- what camera is the best ever, yoga pants that totally transform your experience of downward facing dog, etc and b) anything you think i should add.

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Elle said...

Well first off, one of us needs to get this: http://www.tons-of-toys.com/english_item_details.php?codice=127

I couldn't find the diana version BUT if you google "halloween costumes 'diana barry'" rizado is the FIRST link!

Also, I think you need to go with a large camera, so it is easily spotted in our asian persuasion photos.

That is all... for now.