02 November 2007

posting every day! and a new feature! what a day!

so i decided to do this whole NaBloPoMo thing where in an effort to get regular posts, i post everyday during the month of november. yikes. i hope that i can keep y'all entertained.

because i don't have enough semi-regular posts, i thought i would start another one! i know that my list of blogs is a tad... excessive? long? daunting? well, in an effort to show people whom i read and why i started in the first place, i'm going to be doing a 'best of (fill in the blank with some witty comment)'.

and because i love her best and she's fist alphabetically, my first entry will be

bellechanson, the best of my friends whom i know in real life but also avidly read online.

belle is manned by karel, one of my bffs from college years. when i had my first blog while studying abroad in australia, she hosted me on her domain, shiverydelight. i thought that she was the bee's knees for having her OWN domain and still being in college! like, what! i was a tad naive about the interweb.

karel studied english and creative writing, meaning that her posts are um, coherent, and uhhhhh, well thought out and put together... oh yeah, and she sometimes writes these amazing posts re: her life in such an artistic way that it makes me go 'whoa, i'm friends with a smart lady!' but because she wants to make me feel better about my lack of coherencey, she also posts about her bangs.

she cut them herself!

she's also mad creative and does web design, greeting cards, paper products, custom-made crafts, and more* through her side project, pink pomelo. it is nice to have her as a friend because she makes pretty things.

*what could the more be? buttons? pancakes? a little jig? you are leaving us hanging, ms. karel!

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une petite chose said...

that's my trick... cliffhangers. actually i am in the process of applying for a patent for the long-awaited invention of nose-hats. no more cold red noses! you can be my first model.