30 November 2010

Still missed NaBloPoMo

So even though I'm post dating this months late, I will still think it counts towards NaBloPoMo. Suck it, internet gods.

29 November 2010

Needs to be done

So, never in the history of this blog have I failed at NaBloPoMo. So even though I'll be post dating these posts like whoa (and honestly, I'll be the only one who cares) it just needs to be done.


And now you've caught up! Look forward to one for real-time update tomorrow. And Happy NaBloPoMo.

14 November 2010

New Specs

So, I've had the same glasses for over four years now and am feeling like I need some new frames. There is a place online - Warby Parker - where I can test drive five pairs and at only $95 a piece, I might get two pairs.

What do you think? Only grabbed 3 here, so feel free to go peruse the site and tell me what you think I should also try. I've got a round face, so those are the only ones I looked at. But with 5 frames to try, I can mix it up.

13 November 2010

Brighten Up Any Rainy Day

Wouldn't say no.

12 November 2010

Top Christmas Movies

- Elf
- Scrouged
- Love Actually
- First 3 Harry Potters with Christmas Scenes in the Great Hall

11 November 2010

Oh Taio Cruz, You Heartbreaker

Because I like getting really into songs months past the height of their popularity.

10 November 2010

New Guilty Pleasure

Oh, and it is guilty.

Drop Dead Diva.

I still haven't gotten to the episodes with Paula Abdul (oh yes, the one, the only) but Margaret Cho as a sassy assistant? Check. Unrequited love? Check. Flashback scenes that keep the "dead" character in the action? Check.

09 November 2010

Catch Up

Classic movies I haven't seen but am slowly making up for
- Trainspotting (check)
- Gremlins
- Goonies (finally! check)
- care to add more to the list? Yeah, there are more, but this whole making up for weeks of posting in one night is taxing

08 November 2010

Colors of Happiness

I have several different, color coded Google calendars. Fun times, appointments, work, reminders. Let's just say I'm over the moon that so much has been green lately.

07 November 2010

Sometimes, it all comes together

He's from DC. This song is featured on an Australian TV show. DC. Australia. TV. Yes, fantastic.

06 November 2010

Goal for the End of the Year

Get my DC learner's permit.

Well... I'll look into what it takes to getting a DC learner's permit.

Not like I'm gonna get a car or anything but perhaps, just maybe, it is time to join the great American driving nation.

You can help by sending me links to the DC government explaining what I need to do.

05 November 2010

Small things that have changed my world

- an arm case for my iPod so that I don't have to carry it while I work out. I did this for way, way too long.
- suitcase with four spinner wheels. I like it so much, I'm sometimes just walk around my house, spinning my luggage. JUST BECAUSE.
- greader, even though it has been entirely too long since I'm on top of it on a regular basis.
- baked cheetos. so amazingly delicious.

04 November 2010

You know what your day needs?

Animal mugs

Drinks are better out of an elephant.

03 November 2010

I love Renn Fest

and turkey legs.

02 November 2010

Election Night?

How did it go? Too busy picking up last CSA of the year, grubbing with Kfront, and video chatting with two lovely ladies to partake in the electorate process.

Now to bed with Netflix and Aero bars.

01 November 2010

Hello November

I may never blog anymore but it is November and I can't let a three year streak go to waste. So you get my thoughts for a full month! Isn't that awesome? I think so.

So for starters, I have to say the one week I actually care about sports (baseball in particular) has come to an end. Go Giants, but most importantly, go Colombians! So happy that Edgar Renteria did so well this post season. Props to Barranquillos!

What's odder, the fact I'm blogging or the fact it's about sports?

01 July 2010

Shall I Tumbl?

So while I haven't written anything here in some time, I am still active with the whole Twitter business.

Shall I switch to a tumblr? Seems to be more my speed - snippets of my thoughts and photos. But I'm so attached to rizado. Hmm, thoughts.

11 April 2010

Glug, glug

So, I’ve totally drunk the NTC kool-aid. Oh, you say you don’t know what that means? Non-profit Technology Conference in the hizzouse, babeh! I just got back from Atlanta and boy, are my arms tired! Thank you, I’m here all night.

(Note: just typed that as “hear all knight.” Because no one at the Round Table will be overlooked.)

I've been to conferences before and had some eh sessions and some pretty stellar (hurting the next day, have to vomit in a trash can on the street [sorry, Mommy]) off hour good times, but I think this is the first time where I was engaged both in personal conversations with new folks AND with the actual work part of the conference. Who woulda thunk?

Maybe it isn't fair to compare NTC (relates to work I'm actually doing every day) to AAM in Philly last year, which was all about work I wanted to be doing but would have little hope of doing it at all in the near future, hey, here's a beer to cry into. Instead, I found myself taking notes and marking in the margins what I wanted to do when I get back to work. I was exchanging business cards and saying we should follow up and because I'm a nerd about being a nerd, this excited me.


As in, I was walking down the street on my way to a happy hour outside the conference center and someone stopped me and said , "Hi, are you Tatiana? Do you work for Oceana? I GET YOUR EMAILS [emphasis mine because!!]" She was awesome (hey, Lori!) but honestly - who would have thought that little pic of me at the end of an email asking you to nominate the next ocean hero (until April 18th) would land me in the public eye. Well, social media do gooder public eye.

All of this is to say that I'm so excited that NTC is in DC next year. The good times, they won't be stopped.

As for the social side of the conference, let me just say: Thursday night was a fantastic dinner, where I broke sushi rolls with Wendy Harman aka American Red Cross Twitter lady. During the meal, she was just cool. Friday, after the party [roof top, basil gin lemonade, lunging with new Aussie best friend], was the after party [Coca Cola museum, dancing, whiskey sours, splits, had director of the whole shebang comment on my skillz, zomg], and then an after after party [beers, pizza that I don't think we bought, detailed retelling of epic love stories]. Cut to a four hour nap and I cried at lunch because I was so tired.

Tired little nerd goes to sleep with images of next year's conference dancing (literally, there is dancing) in her head.

30 March 2010

I went to Portland and I all had was a fantastic visit and a renewed love of my current city

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I have recently been to Portland. Karel moved out there two years ago this summer and I've been lucky enough to see her since then, since she comes back east to visit her fam. But it was high time for me to go call upon her, and so I embarked on my third trip to the West Coast.

Like my visits from Boston to visit her in NYC, my time was centered around food and shopping. And lo, the food. AND LO, THE SHOPPING. Oregon has no sales tax. Saving that extra 6% made me all giddy so I picked up - skinny jeans, pink cardy, white Chucks, a green and yellow plaid cape (yes, really), and an embroidered skirt. We'll see if I fit in all of it after the food. Mexican, southern, Indian, hot pot, grilled cheese, late night crepes, BALUT (hopefully with video soon) and more. Stuffed.

But more than eating and shopping and simply being with my lovely Karel, I found something I have been sorely missing for some time : a love of DC. When I first moved down here from Boston, I was excited about my grad program but sad about leaving my boyfriend behind. I was living at home, which was great on the wallet and hanging with my parents was fun, but it was hard to be in a new city without a real strong friend base. They were there, but arranging time with them wasn't casual - I had to book their time in advance and arrange for sleeping arrangements.

When I moved in with Lauren and Sam in March 2008, not only was I single for the first time in several years but I was on my own again after 6 months of being at home. I was so happy to just be, I think I could have been in any city, but I really loved DC, going into the city proper for school, hanging out with my roomies on our back porch, parties throughout the summer, etc. When I moved to DC proper last summer, I was excited for even more exploration. And I had it. And it was good.

But this year has been a bit different. I felt like DC was old hat, nothing new. I started thinking more and more about moving, leaving the mid-Atlantic, leaving the country. Not immediately, but starting to think about it in real terms, starting to save. Enter Portland.

Don't get me wrong. Portland was awesome, though I would say that of any visit with Karel. But being there, with its spread out quadrants, its suburban feel, I felt myself falling back in love with DC a little bit more each day. I certainly found neighborhoods that I loved - the Pearl, Nob Hill, Mississippi - but overall, the density just wasn't there for me. This is an odd thing for me to say because my main issue with NYC is that the city is just... too much. All on top of me, with no rest. I guess Portland is the opposite- too spread out, too much space between the neighborhoods, the places I want to be. DC is just right; different neighborhoods bumping up agaisnt each other, flowing quasi-seamlessly from one into the other. I want to know more places, expand from just Dupont and Columbia Heights, Mt Pleasant and Petworth, U St and (shudder) Adams Morgan. I know that Portland is a city I love to visit.

And DC is a place I love to call home.

24 March 2010

When in Portland

do as hipsters do.

Here's the inspiration photo. We'll see if I can pull it off once I wash my hair.

Ok, back to having fun with this gal.

01 March 2010

Jonny knows me so well

The man knows how I feel about Venn diagrams.

10 February 2010

Insert Snow Pun Here

I wouldn't be a DC area worth her (rock) salt if I didn't mention the snocation. So, here it is-


It totally happened to me. Gave birth to many inside jokes, ate lots of delicious food with lovely ladies, hauled myself out to go to bars and get third place in trivia, did laundry, started my taxes, watched tons of movies and TV. And it all comes to an end tomorrow.

I'm excited to be back at work in the morning, just in time for a three day weekend.


25 January 2010

Life List, Part 1

We all have those life lists, kicking around in the back of our minds. I figure no better time than now to start putting these ideas down.

1. Get my driver's license.
2. Live abroad again - a few months, years, ex-pat it up, anything.
3. Own multiple pairs of glasses at the same time so I can choose my specs based on how I feel in the morning.
4. Throw out all my mismatched hangers and buy those slim velvet ones.
5. Improve my posture.
6. Eat more local and healthy (for me and the planet) food.
7. Go on Jeopardy!
8. Have dolmades in Greece.
9. Be in a play again.
10. Buy my own place.
11. Unlock the Spanish I know is trapped in my mind.
12. Learn how to darn a sock.
13. Go to Ireland to see where my dad's family is from.
14. Build and sustain a greenhouse.
15. Have more cut and potted flowers and plants in my house.
16. Learn how to can food.
17. Sing Queen at a karaoke bar.

An awkward place to stop but I don't want it to get too forced. Updates as I see fit.

20 January 2010


Shirts I Want

Shirts I Recently Purhcased

And yes, I fully plan to wear all of these to work.

19 January 2010


- I'm 99% sure that I'm willing to buy what will be one of my most expensive pairs of shoes but I don't want to buy them online without trying them on first. I need to find a brick and mortar storefront.
Karel, shut up. I know you hate them.

- I remember her story on FAO Scwharz from a long time ago but rediscovering her today has been tops. If I ever make it up to New York, I will have to find her. Not in a creepy, stalker way but in a fan of her self-deprecating humor kinda way.

- I know that many people have already given to help out Haiti, and I'm impressed with the American Red Cross's text giving campaign, though mostly from a way to use social media to mobilize people than as a way to help people in need. I'm not going to slight anyone who gives and is trying to help, but I recommend checking charities out on charitynavigator.org before giving. The American Red Cross only gets three (out of four) stars. I chose Doctors Without Borders, because in addition to getting four out of four stars, they are taking down an inflatable hospital. Moon bounce healing FTW.

13 January 2010


So, 2010 so far has been kinda meh. Sure, there have been some fun times but last week at work, I was crazy busy getting back on track after holiday break and feeling really drained. Then the weekend came and due to big nights, my Saturday was pretty much a waste. I mean, I did watch 10 episodes of Secret Life of an American Teenager but I didn't move for several hours or shower or see anyone from the outside world, so I'm going to mark it as a lost day.


Something changed today. One of my coworkers is going to be out of town next week, meaning I will be running a weekly meeting we have with consultants. I love agendas and order and being the timekeeper and making sure things get done. And I get to do that next week.

Then, I wasn't invited to a meeting later in the day that I needed to be at. And I invited myself to it and ended up moving things along and decisions were made based on things that I said and things I did.

One thing about my job: I've only been in my position for a few months, but I've been in the office for over a year and a half. My previous title was Office Coordinator, and while it has helped me that in my previous position I worked with everyone in the office, it was certainly a support position and I still get the feeling that people forget about my new job and still think of me as the part time person who orders paper. Like forgetting to invite me to important meetings.

So, this just gets me fired up. And added to my previous boost of hosting a meeting, I just got a shot of "damn, you a sexy bitch!" Try to find a word to describe that isn't disrespectful. No but seriously, it was just like I wanted to smack the Tatiana of the past week and a half into shape and tell her she's the bomb.

Whoa, this post is kinda all over the place. That's what happens when you start writing a post during Modern Family and finish it during Three Sheets.