03 November 2011

Not a liar, I swear

So, looking back through past archives, I realized that I actually DIDN'T complete last year's NaBloPoMo. So! As double duty, I'll be playing catch up and trying to post 2-3 times a day this month, back dating the posts and linking to them here because I can't have a blog archive that doesn't have a (30) next to each and every November.

And now, a slow loris getting tickled.

02 November 2011

Jump for My Love

Thanks to Maggie, who understands the need for dancing Hugh Grant.

01 November 2011

NaBloPoMo take 4

So, I never let a November pass without doing NaBloPoMo or National Blog Posting Month. I will post everyday but as you can tell from my previous post, life is a little !!! right now, so the posts may be very short and not so sweet.

28 August 2011

Life! Changes! Life changes!

So, big news in these parts.

I'm moving to San Francisco.

I don't really talk about my personal relationships here, but I've been dating an amazing gentleman for the past year, Ian, and in just over a week, he's moving out to California to start his new job, and about 3 weeks after that, I'm joining him.

I've been in DC for four years now, and with my most of my family nearby (and certainly the vast majority on the East Coast in general), I figure that this will be the spot where I end up. But I'm not really ready to do the final end up quite yet.

And so, the next few weeks are filled with packing, moving, saying goodbye (but not really, since I'll be back in DC in early November), and all the other super fun errands that accompany a cross country move.

As for what I'll do in SF, I'm working remotely for my current employer for the remainder of the year, at home (where ever that will be) alone. So I figure that I'll need to reach out for adult companionship and that it is very likely that my blog will pick up again. So, my loneliness is your gain!

In all seriousness, I'm going through a lot of emotions currently and they each battle out for prominence. Added to the mix is that I'm moving with someone and that our emotions don't always match, though this could be a good thing, because typically, when I'm freaking out, Ian's calm, and when I'm excited, he's nervous about getting it all done. Balance and all that.

19 May 2011

Healthier Me: A Few Days Late

Getting ready for Australia is busier than I expected - SURPRISE, right? But I still want to update you on my progress. Or, as the case may be, some regression.

Yes, I gained weight, in just my second week of chronicling my new life. But, as my trainer pointed out as I weighed myself after a hellish class tonight, it is best to weigh yourself before you workout. So, now I know.

Current weight: 166 lbs
Target weight: 135 lbs
Weight to lose: 31 lbs

15 May 2011

What My Clothes Say... and What I Wish They Did

Because of my expanded waistline, a large amount of my clothes don't fit or are uncomfortably tight. Fun! So, I've been thinking a lot about my wardrobe, what it says about it, and what I wish it would say.

I'm back in some fat jeans that I saved from my bigger time in Boston and a fair number of my nicer tops are too small, so I'm in older jeans and t-shirts. Combine that with increasing humidity of impending summer and my hair is fizzy and unmanageable. All in all, I'm looking - and feeling - less than stellar.

But this is not a sob story! No! Instead, I'm trying to look at this frumpy clothing situation as a way to revamp my wardrobe and recharge myself. This will either happen before Australia, or more likely, during my trip before my boyfriend joins me.

Clothing I'm interested in - flowy tops that hit past my hips, skinny jeans that fit, comfortable but sky high heels. Maxi dresses with short sleeves. Sundresses in simple, bright colors. Tissue thin cardigans. I already got my long lusted after Hunter boots. New glasses. New bathing suit - ideally black one piece tube top with a halter top.

Shopping friends - any ideas where I can find these sort of fun stuff? I'm a bit tired of my current wardrobe, so any help/guidance would be appreciated!

PS. Sorry, I'm posting this a day late, but yesterday was CRAZY sauce: roller derby championship, graduation party, and show at Black Cat, were I got kicked in the face twice and had a panic attack. Fun.

13 May 2011

Things I LURVE: Ron Swanson gifs

Courtesy of my friend, Monica.

Parks and Recreation is by far the best show on Thursday nights. Leslie Knope has far surpassed Liz Lemon as the best and most inspiring woman on TV. An energetic woman who keeps on working, despite folks trying to get her down? Check. Someone who everyone thinks she's fat even though she's so TOTALLY not fat? Liz Lemon, sigh. You used to be so funny and amazing and strong. But now I've got Leslie Knope, so I'm all good.

Post Script: I totally meant to post this yesterday but Blogger was being a bit of a turd. So pfft to you, Blogger. And Friday Funday to all of us!

09 May 2011

Healthier Me: Starting Again

So, here we go! Oversharer me on the topic that a lot of folks don't like to overshare about but, let's be honest - folks are always interested in the personal details of weight loss. I give the people what they want!

I know that weight isn't the only or even best way to measure health but until I get my hands on some callipers, it is what I've got going for me. I'll track my weight here each week and try to hold myself to weighing myself only once a week.

My weight loss theory goes something like this: I can either be skinny and sad or fat and happy. When I'm in a good place in my life - work is going well, hanging out with friends, have a gentleman caller - I tend to do more celebratory things. And celebrations for me always include drinks and food, usually beer or champagne and bacon or cheeseburgers. When I don't have these things in my life, I fill in time with a) not eating or just eat one potato a day (literally) and b) working out 5 times a week. Woman of extremes, what can I say. So I find it particularly hard to be in balance: be happy with external things in my life and yet find the time to take care of myself.

One way I've done this is to sign up for a small group training class. Yes, it is an additional cost on top of my monthly gym fee but if my health isn't worth an extra $25 a week (aka a small night out) than perhaps I need to reassess my priorities. Added benefit of paying extra dollars to go to the gym: it forces me to go the gym more during non-class times, too.

So that's where I am right now: huffing through class once a week, trying to hit the gym at least two other times and in general, attempting to eating better. For me, this translates to vegetarian before dinner and then, healthy dinner with protein.

For example, here's what I had last night.

Italian wedding soup (adapted from Smitten Kitchen) and salad with tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, orange peppers, and homemade vinaigrette, inspired by Jacque and Julia Cooking at Home.

Horrible picture but terrifically tasty. And filling, even though there isn't really any starch involved (which I love. love, love, love.).

Current weight: 164 lbs
Target weight: 135 lbs
To lose: 29 lbs!

07 May 2011

Back from the Dead: A Melodramatic Return to Blogging

So, even though I do a great deal of writing for my 9 to 5 (read: actually more like 9:30 - 6. 6:30 plus), I find that I've been mentally writing blog posts recently. As if I'm not spending enough time in front of a computer screen, my brain is driving me to bring out my trusty 2006 MacBook and prop it up on my knees while I watch back episodes of Bones.

I've decided to ease back into the online world. Huzzah! And because I'm a three year old and deal well with boundaries and limited choice, I've decided to (try to) stick to a strict posting schedule and themes.

Tuesday: progress on my quest to be a healthier me - workout stuff, weight loss goal updates, food I'm eating, ways I'm motivating myself to get off my bum.

Thursdays: media that I've enjoyed or currently enjoying - movies, books, TV shows, music, viral videos, etc.

Saturday: pretty things I like - clothes, design, favorite outfits through the week.

I know that there are entire blogs dedicated to each of these things but eh, I've got a bit of an attention problem and also, I can only deal with so much structure. An entire blog about me losing weight would get tedious - "Lo, I can either be skinny and sad or fat and happy!". All about fashion - "Look, I'm wearing leggings and boots, how original and iconic." And just media? "Disco never died, it just took up residence in my heart." So, I figure if I pepper all these various sentiments over the blog throughout the week, it would be more interesting.

So, without further ado: Pretty things I like!


Ready for originality? I just bought these beauties.

[Image from Zappos.com]

In case there isn't enough detail in the photo for ya, those are tall black Hunter boots. So, even in these lean times of saving dollars for going to Australia (3 weeks from today!), I laid down $125 for rain/snow boots. And I have to say, the first time that I got to try them out, even though it was just a small drizzle, I was super happy to have the protection. And because they are lined, I'm pumped for winter - a horrible place to be at the beginning of the summer. Not only because of the boots but also because I'm always. warm.

As an aside, good time to say that I'm always super super warm, bordering on hot. Seriously, I wear sundresses when it is 60 degrees out. Tank tops and flip flops once it is 50. I only break down and wear gloves if I'm biking or outside in windy weather for more than 5 minutes. All of this is to say that I'm looking forward to cooler weather not only to lower my core temperature but also to try out my new purchase. Because I'm just the type of person to buy expensive seasonally inappropriate stuff.