29 November 2007

best of the best

dooce, finslippy, fussy, mightygirl, the best of the best. really, i think everyone reads these.

when i first started reading blogs semi-obsessively, i limited myself to people i knew in 'real' life and celebrity blogs. my reasoning was that since i knew the people who were writing, i would care more about what was going on with them. and celebrities, while i don't know them personally, it fells like i do because i read blogs about them. yes, circular logic, but there you have it.

until one, a few years ago, when wise man asked me if i read dooce. i said, nope and some sort of shorter explanation than i laid out about. he said that i should, it was nominated and won some sort of online blogging contest.

so i started reading.

and oh lordy. i was sucked in. no longer did i have to know these people whose lives i read about. and so began my obsession with mom blogs. as a childless unmarried 22 year old.

and i was happy in heather-land for a long time. she was the only one i had added to my otherwise old blog reads. and then i saw that she had blogging friends.

so i started reading about eden and maggie in san fran. more moms, fan tab blogs. i have no doubt in my mind that reading them fueled this.

and i thought i was topped out. but then i linked from one of these lovely ladies to alice, over here on my coast. le sigh, i do love blogs.

now, i know that some people out there will argue that if i'm going to group a whole bunch of my blogs into celebrity status, i'm leaving out a bunch of my regular reads. and they are right- i do read lot of the big blogs in addition to my familiar standbys. but i'm including these four ladies together because they ARE together. and because it is my first real experience with exploring the depths of the blogging world connection.

and if i were to ever meet any of them at blogher, i would faint.

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