14 November 2007

i hate all that you are and love.

so, while in the midst of nablopomo, i've been randomly reading a bunch of websites to get my daily fill of blogs. i came across this and agreed- wouldn't it be more interesting to know the things that i like that most people hate? and also, things i hate that most people love?

so- things i love that many abhor

1. putting popcorn in my mouth and then drinking something so that it gets all soggy. i'm not entirely sure if other people don't like this, but since most people don't like soggy popcorn, i think it is a safe assumption to make.

2. lifetime made for tv movies. so, i guess some people like these with me, or else they wouldn't keep making them, but on the whole, both men and women seem to dislike them. i get it, but i just love all media so watching denise richards and dean cain fall in love in a very predictable manner doesn't bother me in the slightest.

3. eating condiments straight or in odd combinations. like cream cheese and deli meat. and mayo with french fries. though apparently this isn't odd in france.

4. not having my feet covered by blankets. this isn't something i love so much as a necessity. doesn't matter how cold it is, i can't fall asleep with anything on my feet.

and things i hate that others love

1. coffee. just tastes like burnt mud. ewewEW. doesn't help that i worked in cafes for seven years.

2. peeptoe wedge slingbacks. the least nasty part of this trio is the wedge. i really don't like slingbacks (blisters waiting to happen) and peeptoes (if you want people to see your toes, wear some sandals). barf.

3. gingerbread. i know i'm going against everyone in america who loves christmas, but i don't like spicy desserts. just doesn't make sense to me. i do like ginger, just not in my bread.

4. bread pudding. while i do like soggy popcorn, i can't get on board with the texture of soggy bread.

how about you, my lovely four readers? do you have any odd likes and dislikes?


Karen said...

I think that Lifetime movies are not so much good as very addictive. How many times in college did I walk into my apartment, see one of my roomies watching them and then we all ended up on the couch the rest of the day in a trance!

Oh, odd dislike: the sound that is created when opening one of those cinnimon roll containers. I'm scared of the popping sound!

Elle said...

Oh, what a fun game!


Odd likes...
1. AWKWARDNESS!!! I can NOT get enough of it.
2. Old people, hysterical! I can't even get mad at the ones that drive 5 miles an hour... any 90 year old is totally my Achilles.

odd dislikes...

1. Knee caps... all the ways you can manipulate a knee cap... disgusting.

and one last category:
things that most people should abhor but do not (include me in the "do not" aspect)
1. Skin: peeling it, popping it, examining it, de-hairing it, you name it, I like it about skin.
2. Raw cookie dough... I mean that is actual raw egg that I am shoveling in my mouth as fast as possible, and actually hording from others. This one will definitely stick around till I get a bout of the ol' salmonella