26 November 2007

weekend odds and ends

thanks to both wise man and elle for answering my advent calendar cry of despair. i can't wait for dec 1 and the mediocre chocolate that waits for me behind each little perforated paper door.

i finally got around to seeing the new hairspray- you know, the movie that is based on a musical that is based on a movie. i thought it was ok- i always like dancing in movies, james marsden was fan tab as cornie collins, and i always loved that one of the main characters has the same name as my grandma (edna). at the same time, it answered the age old question of 'can a musical have too many songs?' with a resounding yes. if you are only going to see one hairspray, make it the original.

oh and elle and i have already figured out what we are going to be for halloween next year (this year we were mini m&ms, complete with white shoes and plastics four fingered gloves.)

we look like this in our normal lives (or we did five years ago).

it goes left to right, bani, me, elle. bani was my fantastic roomie in australia and we would include her in our halloween costume if she wasn't being smart in texas.

so, in about 11 months, we will look something like this

elle as anne shirley and me as diana barry from anne of green gables! bani can be the random girl on the left if she wants to be, but we aren't forcing her.

here's a bigger shot of elle/anne:

this is from earlier in the movie than the first shot, before she falls in the river and is rescued by gilbert blythe. mmm gilbert

i actually couldn't find any screenshots of anne's best friend, diana barry, from aoff (anne of green gables for you newbies). but i found MANY shots of her as a doll.

i think we are a perfect match. of course, not everyone will automatically recognize us, so elle is going to carry around a slate (which she broke over hottie gilbert's head) and we were thinking i would carry around some money since they always talked about how rich her family is.

now we just have to buy ridiculously big girlie dresses from the turn of the century.


Diana said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog (look, reading old posts!) and think Anne/Diana is a great idea. The random girl (I'm pretty sure) is Jane Andrews, who goes on to marry a millionaire from Winnipeg. And in the books her weird brother asks Anne to marry him. Oh sigh, now I know what at least part of winter break will be: re-watching my marvelous AofGG dvds. -Diana

tatiana said...

look at you with your aogg knowledge! my friend elle told me that she watches it every first snowfall of the year but i don't think she did it this year. once we are done with finals, we are getting a ton of blankets and fancy sandwiches and settling in for a marathon!