04 November 2007

jim dale! on tv! i think i may cry!

so, jim dale of harry potter books on tape fame is the narrator of 'pushing daisies'. i think i may be in love with a new show. sorry, nbc, but if you let me watch '30 rock' or 'my name is earl', we may not be in this situation.

but don't worry.

i can love you all.

just let me watch you for free.

and please, do not talk to me about the strike. i may cry. just pay them, already! they are witty! they are funny! they make me laugh! they make me cry (though, really, that isn't all that hard. bad commercials make me cry. don't count that one.)

oh! and did you know that there are prizes associated with NaBloPoMo. because i did not. if possible, i'm more excited. crafts do that to me.

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