24 November 2007

back on track

so, i guess i kinda let my weekly posts kinda slide. eak, sorry!

so, my weekly stumble for the last weekend in nov 2007 is


there are a number of blogs that i check everyday and then there are blogs that i check MULTIPLE TIMES every day. dlisted certainly does its part to make sure i'm up on my celeb gossip and sufficiently distracted from being productive.

and you have to check multiple times a day to get all the daily features (one blogger who can hold up the end of their posting bargin). birthday sluts, caption contests EVERYDAY, morning wood, slut of the day/week/month/YEAR. le sigh, seriously. check it now. and then again in 2 hours.

i love it for being catty, having obvious favs, and generally trolling the internet for all my celeb news i could want. i used to read about four or five celeb blogs but it just got to be too much and there was a fair amount of overlap, so i whittled it down to my beloved dlist.

doesn't hurt that it shares its name with a fan tab show.

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