06 November 2007

another week, another stumble.

so, i know that it is posted in my blogs list, but i really consider this much more of an occasional delight than a daily read. and since i get to make and break the rules, the weekly stumble of this first full week of november is

bsc headquaters

to the females in my peer group, bsc was a large part of our lives. don't deny it, it was. i tried for years to amass all these glorious paperbacks and hated the numeric holes on my bookshelf. and then there were super specials, which took up so much more space in my heart and pocketbook. i asked for bsc books for every gift giving holidays for YEARS. ah the good times.


they were pretty crappy. which i didn't realize until just recently.

re-reading them- or more accurately, letting someone else do all the leg work and just enjoying the fruits of her labor- is providing me with almost as much joy as the books themselves once did. i find myself remembering exact passages and book covers, that dreaded repeating chapter 2, and stacy's diabetes. which is such a big deal! and i have no reason why!

put the best part of all- besides the weirdo time warp stoneybrook seems to be in- is the OUTFITS. seriously, if you can't find the time to read all the archives (and i don't know why you wouldn't make the time, but whatevs), just skim it for outfit descriptions. brings you back to the days when leggings were the height of fashion.

oh wait...

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