10 November 2007


that was a doozy yesterday! i don't know how much more i have to say. i wish i could give a pee puddle update, but i didn't go back down to the library basement in case the puddle was still there. i wasn't sure how much more all caps you could stand.

i think knocked up is making its way up to one of my fav movies of all time. today marked my third time seeing it and honestly, there was no part that i wasn't like 'oh i can't wait for this! ah such a funny line! haha the wit!' i mean, i don't think it can ever replace this in my heart, but perhaps in my movie rotation.

sorry for the weak post- i need to save my typing skills for the change of amish quilts in lancaster, pa due to the influx of tourists. yeah, you know you are jealous and wish you were a grad student too.

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