16 January 2008

some things you ought to know

- while i love seltzer water, in particular lemon-lime zazz, it is perhaps not the best drink to take with me when it is going to be rustling around in my bag all day. carbonated beverages are sticky.

- so it seems that most people think i should keep my hair long- and they win! mostly because i'm going to be moving out of my parents' house (free) into dc/va (not so free) and the $60-$70 i would spend on a haircut could by my utilities for a month. i know it seems like a lot for a haircut (or maybe not, i don't know your personal upkeep budget) but i don't really spend money on makeup or other girly products, so i tend to splurge on my hair. that and since i get it cut about once every year and a half, it averages out to be not that much.

- remember how everyone was pregnant? yeah, well, the few remaining celebrities that weren't are now. matthew mcconaughey's girlfriend is with child and some playboy playmate is carring david spade's spawn. this nest that everyone is getting on is growing crowded.

- that being said, nicole richie and christina aguileria both had their babies- girl harlow and boy max, respectively. congrats!

- mid-atlantic winters are much less pleasant than those on the coast of california. i think i always knew this in theory but experiencing the difference in reality is a cruel wake up call. i've been inside for about an hour and my nose is still cold.

- i've added a new label that is long overdue- celeb. maybe, i'll go back through and retag. but i think not.

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