25 January 2008

happy students' day!

today is my name day, as is the feast day of the saint i am named after. now, my mom didn't actually name me after st. tatiana on purpose- she just liked the name- but it is actually pretty fitting.

because i am totally a 3rd century christian martyr.

hmm, no.

because i too will be killed by a sword to the neck after a maneating lion doesn't touch me. (hey, he knows what is up.)

no, because she is the patron saint of students! even though nothing i could find about here makes her remotely academic, just some russian university built her a chapel. she does have connections to earthquakes, circuses, and civil servants, but i guess those are already covered.

ps. thanks to all the positive comments. it does an ego good!

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Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Happy student's day! :D