09 January 2008

first time for everything

as a 24 year old concerned citizen, this will be my first presidential primary. i've never registered with an official party, just because i thought both major parties had some huge flaws.

i finally made the step this year to register in an actual party- that's right, i'm no longer independent but can proudly say i'm a democrat in one of the most corrupt democratic states in the union. so while i was able to vote for kerry in 2004- absentee from mass to new jersey- this is my first round of presidential primary voting. due to my course schedule, however, i will have to vote absentee. and you should too. because every vote counts. even though maryland joins in pretty late in the game.

i'm still undecided though.

according to washingtonpost.com's choose your candidate quiz, i am most aligned with john edwards at 47 pts, with hilary clinton coming in a distant second with 25pts, barak obama nabbing the bronze with 19pts, and bill richardson finishing with a devestating 8pts. this quiz doesn't show much, as almost every multiple choice question was answered the same way in four different sentences, so i picked whatever sounded the best, flow and grammar wise. i basically chose which candidate's speech writer i liked best.

that and i must be drawn to edwards because we share a love of wendy's.

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