22 January 2008

don't get used to this twice a day posting schedule

but i couldn't let my main man, steve perry, celebrate his birthday without a shoutout!

i love journey. now, i know that everyone knows all the words to 'small town girl' and playing it in any bar automatically makes it a karaoke joint. but i LOVE journey. i have them on my ipod. i have sung karaoke to "lovin', touchin', squeezin'". i speculate on the parentage of a certain russian figure skater, with respect to today's birthday boy.

ilia kulik, in his (in)famous outfit that won him the gold.

perry, in all his gloriousness.

tell me there isn't a strong resemblance.

in any case, it is safe to say that my journey adoration is not entirely normal. unless it is commonplace to spend time thinking about and finding photographic evidence of possible familial links between 80s pop stars and foreign figure skaters.

so, happy birthday! the guy they have singing your songs now does an ok job, i guess.

but he's no you.


Di Mackey said...

I was introduced to this a few months ago and his voice is astounding!

tatiana said...

chills, serious chills.