30 January 2008

scholastic update

so, i am enrolled in three museum studies classes this semester- museum script writing, museum evaluation, and museum administration. two out of three are going really well. i'll let you guess which one isn't.

i don't know how i do it, but i somehow managed to get one of my professors to hate me by the second class. it isn't my fault that the room we meet in has horrible acoustics! i thought i would be doing everyone a favor by asking people to speak up when they talk! but apparently, i overstepped my student bounds or something. in any case, she apparently glared at me every time i talked in class the other day. le sigh, i'll just have to keep on being brilliant until she loves me.

eenywho, for my script writing class, the main assignment is to pick the objects and write all the labels for an exhibit of our own making. and i was wondering what you think i should research and write about.

bill peet, beloved disney animator and children's book illustrator
james rouse, community developer and founder of my hometown
quinceaneras, cotillions, and sweet 16s

i'm leaning towards the last one, mainly because i'm colombian but didn't have a quinceanera, but i did have a 16th birthday party. plus, my senior dance was a debutante ball in everything but name. so i could put a picture of me in my big silver dress and opera length gloves dancing with my dad in a tux in the exhibit!

but i want YOUR opinion. what exhibit would you most likely go see?


Elizabeth said...

Hey, I'm the person who said she was glaring, I'm famous...by the way, I would do the last one.

Elle said...

You should totally do the last one. Except add 21st and put your split jeans in the exhibit :) MISS YOU!!!