04 January 2008

how i love thee, lady language

so, i did make a resolution to myself to stop talking about all the shopping i've been doing recently. a) because you are probably sick and tired of me saying 'omg! i spend way too much money on myself!' and b) i should stop beating myself up for engaging in some retail therapy. the truth is i still have some pieces in my wardrobe from the early years of college (as in, six years ago) so it is perfectly reasonable to be weeding out the old and incorporating the incredibly cute new.

lots of this shopping has been with family and friends, ransacking the depths of nordstrom rack and gabriel brothers. but, all alone in the deeps of the night in my (sorry, i mean OUR room, cecilia), my eyes and credit card head towards lady language.

and lord mercy, was it miraculous.
there are a ton of after holiday sales going on, so now i really the time to go- i've shopped there in the past but this sale is truly stellar. all holiday dresses are half off! no shipping on orders over $40! and oh the customer support... seriously, the customer support.

i really wanted one skirt but it was out of stock, so i emailed them asking if they might, just maybe, perchance, might be getting more. and ever so promptly, michelle wrote back to me, saying 'yup, we just got a bunch in- want me to add one to your order!'

um, yes please!

and then i got my order today. and i got to have my own little fashion show, trying on my new clothes with my new shoes and prancing around.
but alas, alack, two of my items didn't fit me perfectly :( always something to be expected when shopping online. but once again, i emailed customer support, asked what i could do- exchange for a different size or dress or something? michelle once again got back to me post haste to say that i could exchange it for a different size, no problem, just let her know!

of course, at this point, my pesky little sister joins the affair, tries on my jacket, decides it is tres cute and wants it for herself. so i'll sell it to her. but now i wonder- can i exchange my less expensive dress for a larger version of the jacket my punk sister now wants?

and then michelle makes my day and solidifies me as a super loyal lady language customer forever- she's going to send me the jacket and i don't have to worry about sending back the dress or the price difference!
seriously, i feel so pimp right now.

so, ladies, go shop at lady language. sign up to review and get points that you can then redeem for more cute clothes. use the painfullyhip shopping discount code and allow that to spread your fashion wings that much farther.

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KreativeMix said...

happy new year!! i can totally relate!!! i love lady language too and did a mini post about them last year!! their dresses are so fab. oh, and i was sooooooooo eyeing that pimp pencil skirt. Work it Girl!!!!