06 January 2008

p.s. he's dead

so, i indulged in an 'estrogen fest' with sarah and juliet yesterday (thanks, sarah, for both the witty post and lady hangout titles!). we went to see p.s. i love you.

and it seriously could have been titled 'p.s. get ready to sob for two hours because while there are humorous moments in the movie, the fact that her husband is dead is going to be featured prominently and you are going to weep copiously.' you may think this is an exaggeration for me- i certainly do not hide the fact that i'm quick to cry at sappy movies, tv, commericals, etc- but honestly, it was like MY husband had died and my friends and family were trying to bring me back from the brink.

even juliet and sarah teared up and they are much more stoic ladies.

all this being said, i did enjoy the movie. but some critisms through the tears (don't worry, no spoilers.)

a) you are complaining about THAT apartment in nyc? you seriously need to get over yourself.
b) are there no working irish actors? scotland is close, but if you are going to feature ireland as a prominent location, you think that the two actors you get to play main roles could be from there. just saying.
c) lisa kudrow, i will always love you.
d) gina gershon is married to spike!
and just ONE SPOLIER
e) those are some seriously ugly shoes.

so, i say go see the flick but be prepared for some public blubbering.

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