21 January 2008

losing it

happy mlk day, everyone! it is very strange for me to actually have the day off in celebration- at haverford, our first day of classes in the spring semester was always today and then i worked at starbucks, where i just worked all the time. i enjoy bank holidays.

what i don't enjoy is looking for apartments.

i know, it is something that will end and i will find a place. i know that i'm luckier than most (and much luckier than when i first moved to boston) in that i am at home and don't have to be out by a specific date, relieving some of the stress of having to find a place to hang my hat asap.

that being said, i just want a place to live, now. because i'm spending way too much time thinking about this and not focusing on finding a part time job. or securing a summer internship. or doing my school work. or enjoying my free time.

i have a dream that i will have a new apartment lined up by the end of the week.*

*that is a bit blasphemous, isn't it? but seriously, i do dream about having a new apt soon. so it isn't a lie. still, i probably shouldn't draw analogies between my struggle for affordable housing to the civil rights movement.

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Geeky Tai-Tai said...

Hi Tatiana, I get to interview for Neil's big "Interview Experiment"! Please email me at diana dot brooks at gmail dot com so that I can send you my questions.