20 December 2007

a few months away from spandex inserts

so, a lot of people having been coming up preggers lately. A LOT. and by people, i mean celebs. and by preggers, i mean rumors.

all that being said, there has been a great deal of preggo rummblings , more than normal. in the past few weeks, the following have been proven to be doing it.

- britney spears. rumor, though, come on, it is probably true
- jamie lynn spears. bad decisions seem to run in the family. as she is 16 and her long time live in boyfriend is 19, the sex that led to this child is technically illegal.
- lily allen. she's going to be wearing some really cute maternity wear.
- jessica alba. her baby bump is tres cute.
- fantasia. this is the reason that most people are giving for her missing a ton of shows of 'the color purple' on broadway.
- rielle hunter. yeah, i have no idea who she is either, but apparently, there were rumors earlier this year that she was having some extracurricular fun with presidential candidate, john edwards.

DAMN! i think it is all because of global warming. seriously.

see, with rising temperatures and summers getting longer and longer, people are taking more last minute vacays and making babies in cabanas.

that or celebs (and especially spearses) seem to think that they are impervious to conception.

or they loved the movie knocked up as much as i do.

congrats to all the new parents. now we just have to see what kind of crazy names these kids end up with.

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