25 January 2008

all about me

i was going to save this for tomorrow and count it as saturday's post, but that is a little bit cheating, even though i did write the majority of it. in any case, here is Geeky Tai-Tai aka Diana's interview of me. when she got me as an interview subject, she read my ENTIRE blog- i think the only other people who have that honor are me and cecilia. so if anything else, she gets mad props from me for being able to stomach all my typos.

so go learn a little more about me!


une petite chose said...

i guess i will stop reading your blog every day since you did not recognize me as a faithful blog reader in its entirety. snif. snif. FINE!!!

Anonymous said...

yayyyy go me i totally have read every single one of your posts woop woop!
although i am slightly surprised there are typos considering you are the perfect one...