12 January 2008

eak, so late

so, i know that i've said in the past that i don't count it as another day until i've gone to bed but i've stayed up late enough that this counts. that, and i don't know when i'll be able to post tomorrow.

so! today was fantastic. i had in n' out burger of big lebowski fame. so tasty. went to a great little museum. walked all around san fran with alice. saw a great movie, though a tad depressing. met up with one of her roomies for some good times at various local watering holes. had a bit of a dance party when we got back. and then tried to go to bed but was still awake so i talked the ear off of previously mentioned roommate until very early in the morning.

all in all, thoroughly enjoying my time here. you should all come out. am going to try to get some rest now so that i can function tomorrow.

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