14 January 2008

the downside of traveling

red eyes- less than fun! even in my exhausted state, wasn't able to grab more than an hour or two of sleep on either flight. thankfully, i've just spent the last three hours napping- long enough to be a bit more sane but (hopefully) not long enough that i can't get to sleep at a reasonable time tonight.

so- san fran was great. alice walked me all over the place and i got to see lauren too! randomly ran into a kid we went to college with- our tiny 1200 student college. small worlds.

as happy as i was to go see friends in their natural habitats, i'm glad for things to assume a more normal pace and organized schedule. i decided to drop down to just a normal course load for this semester because i still need to work on finding a summer internship.

and i'm going to move out.

as much as i love my family, i think living at home isn't what i need right now. as much as i have had issues giving up my independence, i'm terribly far away from school and the vast majority of my friends in dc (sorry, elle, i'm going to be farther away! but you can crash with me whenever you want!).

so, over the next few weeks, i'll be settling back into some sort of schedule that will be immediatily thrown off my job and apt hunt. if you know of either in the dc metro area, let me know!

maybe i can 'rest my eyes' for another 45 minutes...

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