29 January 2008

for barb, an awesome lady

this is barb.
and she is fan-frickin-tastic. we two immigrant babies worked together in starbucks for two years before we both fled for the greener pastures of grad school. she introduced me to eddie izzard, indulged with me in our shared love of carlo rossi, and allowed me to crash at her pad when taking the bus home was sheer impossibility (see, dc friends, i have a LONG history of this!). in short, barb is class act.

she also has ms.

barb is certainly one of the strongest people i know and i am mad proud to have her in my life. which is why when she asks me to support her in her annual ms walk, i say 'yes!' and 'can i draw on the goodwill of my MASSIVE readership?'

so, good friends, go visit here and give what you can. if you don't, you will receive a double dragon flying kick to the face.

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