18 January 2008

visit from wild kingdom

remember how you use to have a favorite animal? maybe you still do or perhaps you never did, but i went through a few. cheetahs were my favorite for a LONG time. i did a project on them in fourth grade and i would rattle off cheetah facts all the time (amazing how in some ways i haven't changed).

sometime after my cheetah phase, i had a frog phase. there is a tree frog exhibit at the national aquarium that i feel in love with. i bought these coloring books that had transparent pages, so that when you colored them, you could cut them out and hang them in a window like stained glass panels. i got two frog ones. and colored them all.

while going through a bunch of boxes in the basement, i came across some old jewelry and my beloved frog necklace. i cut it off the hideous faux leather black cord and can now wear him with pride. i love that he looks like he's scaling my collarbones.

also, an update about my tiger self out in california.

lesson of the day: don't taunt maneating beasts. probably something most people know but can't remember when they are drunk and high. so write it down somewhere. maybe even laminate it and carry it around in your wallet.

and here is an embarrassing game. embarrassing on two counts- 1) poorly made and 2) just in bad taste.

Click here to make your own Fyrebug game

1 comment:

Sweet Huck said...

I had (and still have?) a frog thing. Frog necklaces, earrings, calendars, mugs... all kinds of frog crap.

They're so cute and ribbity.

I approve.