01 January 2008

obligatory post

ugh, standard new years day post! i hope that you feel better than i do, though i'm more tired than hungover. probably shouldn't have had that last little bit of spinach dip though (hehe inside family joke!).

so, i slipped it in kinda sneaky the other day, but i'm doing blog 365. nablopomo seems to have been a dry fun for 2008 overall. i did pretty well in decemeber- more than one post some days! i might have gotten a little cocky though because this upcoming semester, i'm taking museum administration, museum script writing, museum evaluation, and public archeology. yeah, that's four classes, more than full time. because i'm so intense! hardcore! and scholastic!

no, actually i have 8 more classes to go, so i could space things out more evenly, with three courses in the fall and spring and an internship and class during the summer. but since i want to get a job as soon as i'm done in december, i've decided to take more classes this semester so that i only have an internship and one course to deal with along with comps and the job search.

all of this is to say, the format of the site might change a little. i've tended to write really wordy posts (as i'm sure you know at this point) but if i'm going to be doing the whole all museums, all the time thing, i might do more of the youtube posts.

just a head's up!

now go get yourself some advil and a grilled cheese!

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une petite chose said...

grilled cheese!! YUM!!!

don't you think it's kind of mean to exclude the bread in the title of the food? the bread plays a very important role in formation of grilled cheese.

why isn't it called 'grilled bread with cheese in between'?