01 November 2008

this thing again

So, I did the whole NaBloPoMo or National Blog Posting Month last November and decided to give it a whirl again this year. Hopefully, it will be the kick in the pants that I need to start being better about this thing. Because, I, the person who loves birthdays and anniversaries and all yearly celebrations of events... totally missed the one year mark of this blog.

Oh the shame. I'm so sorry, rizado! I think it might have had something to do with the fact that it passed just around the time that I was newly single but that is no excuse- a three year relationship ended half through last November and I was still able to blog away. Whatever the reason, I apologize.

Now, if you've been with me the whole way, you might have noticed that things have changed. I used to have some semi regular features- best of my blog roll, favorite stumble upon, thematic timelines of my life- but I have done any of those in months. Instead, the blog became a bit more personal, while still being fairly guarded. So I open it up to you, my readers- is there anything you would like to see in the following year? Resurected features? Something new? More of the same?

And to those in know- I'm thinking of filling up a certain bucket more regularly too.

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