08 November 2008


I think I've finally made up for my election night fatigue.

I slept from 4:30pm until almost 7pm on my parents' super lush couch. Maybe it is just me, but there is just something extra restorative about napping in your parents' house. I could possibly be slightly allergic to something in their house that knocks me out, but I think it is just something about going home.

I am, however, REALLY missing the my DVR. You give someone the ability to pause live TV and they can hardly function when faced with normal TV.


Elle said...

several things: are you still home?? are we going to the sale this weekend? aaand though the couch is lush i miss the old one... i dont like change.

tatiana said...

No, I no longer home. I was only there for the day so I didn't tell anyone I was going home. I didn't know you still wanted to go to the show because you bought your coffee table. There is another one in December if you are still interested. I know you don't deal well with change, silly!

PS. You coming down on the 23rd?